Kim Woo-Bin spotted on EDSA?: ‘Black Knight’ ads along EDSA draws eyes

May 11, 2023 - 1:23 PM

Have you seen photos of South Korean actor Kim Woo-Bin along EDSA?

Netflix Philippines on Wednesday shared advertisements of Woo-Bin-starred series “Black Night.”

The ads were posted on the girders and columns where the Metro Rail Transits also traverses.

In its post, Netflix Philippines’ admin quipped of wanting to see the lead star on EDSA.

“Can’t…breathe. Kailangan kong makita si Kim Woo-bin sa EDSA. Black Knight streams May 12, only on Netflix,” the streaming app’s social media posts read.

The advertisements excited fans of the Korean actor.

Some of them also shared that they saw the promotional materials for “Black Knight.”

“Trailer pa lang sobrang gandaraa naaa. can’t wait sa May 12!” a Facebook user commented.

“Yes dapat lang talagang ipabill board asawa ko,” a fan said in jest.

“Well done, Netflix PH for another awesome promotion. Gawin din natin minsan sa mga bagong Pinoy projects,” a Facebook user wrote.

“Excited! It’s about damn time,” a Twitter user said.

The upcoming series tells the story of how legendary knight 5-8 and refugee Sa-wol (Woo-Bin) take on the omnipotent Cheonmyeong Group that rules a dystopian Korea ravaged by extreme air pollution, making it uninhabitable without a ventilator.

“Black Knight” is based on the webtoon “Delivery Knight” written by Lee Yoon-gyun.

The series is written and directed by Cho Ui-seok and produced by PROJECT318.

Aside from Woo-bin, “Black Knight” also casts Song Seung-heon, Kang You-seok and Esom.

Last April 27, Netflix released the main trailer for the series that promises to be an action-packed and adrenaline-fueled adventure.

Its main trailer offers a tantalizing glimpse into a post-apocalyptic universe where the Korean peninsula has become a desert wasteland and only one percent of the population clings to life.

“Black Knight” will be available on Netflix worldwide starting May 12, Friday. —Rosette Adel