Into women’s health: 5 self-care tips for ladies on their down days

July 26, 2023 - 7:22 PM
Image by Dylan Gillis via Reuters

With women achieving and assuming many roles at a time, self-care is a must.

A pharmaceutical company listed some self-care practices for ladies who play versatile roles in society.

Healthcare firm Sanofi explained that varying health issues could be experienced by women in different life stages and genetics. It then promoted proper nutrition and lifestyle that can lessen such risks.

Based on a report from the Philippine Statistics Authority, the country is committed to achieving gender equality and empowering all women and girls, which includes ensuring their health and well-being, in accordance with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal 5.

“Women often feel pressured to manage everyone’s lives on top of their own, but it is important to practice proper self-care to manage the many complexities of the female body,” Sanofi group brand lead Ysabel Banson said.

“We need to create a space where we can talk about women’s health more and pay more attention to the changes that every woman’s body goes through. We need to keep advocating for women to embrace their uniqueness, which includes tending to their health through proper self-care,” she added.

Here are five key practices to form a strong foundation when maintaining good health:

Get physical

Feelings of stress, anxiety, or low energy levels can be a limiting factor toward a healthy lifestyle.

As such, regenerative activities such as yoga or gentle running can help in elevating the mood and boosting energy.

But even if an adult is not normally sidelined for a lengthy period of time due to an unpleasant feeling, it is nevertheless preferable to be aware of one’s limits and when to push oneself.

Make healthy meal plans

The generative quote “health is wealth” will serve as a reminder that “you are what you eat.”

Magnesium and iron-rich foods can help the body regulate itself, which can be quite beneficial, especially for women who have an iron deficiency and experience menstrual cramps.

Hormones and menstrual cycles can be regulated by eating foods like whole grains, vegetables and fruits.

Maintain your femzone

Women’s necessities vary throughout time due to their constantly changing bodies.

Feminine products like Lactacyd Feminine Hygiene may provide gentle and effective maintenance for their health since women must constantly prioritize hygiene, especially for the delicate part of their bodies.

Know the right meds

While home remedies are helpful for minor conditions, the same cannot be said for the majority of the health challenges that women experience.

Some scientifically based products, such as Buscopan Venus, help women in overcoming the discomfort associated with dysmenorrhea or monthly pain and cramps.

To ensure taking of proper medication, a visit to a doctor could be helpful.

Prioritize your well-being

The optimal self-care practice in the form of prevention may be attained by becoming continually aware of the body’s demands and unlearning harmful habits.

This approach will help one in becoming ready to prevail and carry out their destiny in the world.