‘Beware of copycat accounts’: Local jewelry brand warns patrons of stores using its name

December 11, 2023 - 4:25 PM
TALA by Kyla
Graphic from the Instagram post of TALA by Kyla posted on May 10, 2023 (officialtalabykyla/Instagram)

A jewelry and accessories store advised the public about its online accounts following the emergence of imitation stores using its name to pass off as a legitimate brand.

TALA by Kyla, an internet-famous jewelry brand, said that it does not do business under certain store names or any other copy of its branding.

It warned patrons about fake accounts that attempt to pose as the local jewelry store through the following — but not limited to — names: TBK, TBK&CO, TBK OFFICIAL, TALA FOR YOU and TALA BY KYLE.

“We are TALA by Kyla,” the brand said in an Instagram post on Sunday, December 10.

“Please do not be confused by any of the above mentioned brands,” it added.

“Please beware of copycat accounts and always DOUBLE CHECK before placing your orders!” the brand further said.

It advised the public to follow its official accounts, adding that it “always posts direct links.”

TALA by Kyla also stressed that its products are being shipped locally from Antipolo, Rizal and not from abroad.

Here are the jewelry brand’s official links:

To address imitation issues, the jewelry brand said it is “already working hard” to ensure “that what you see and what you get is #TrulyTALA.”

TALA by Kyla started as an online shop in 2018 and grew popular among young Filipinos with its affordable and personalized accessories which have designs inspired by albums, love teams, K-Drama and K-pop and other streaming series, among others.