WATCH | Interactive instrument uses music for child therapy and learning

June 9, 2017 - 3:13 PM
Reuters videograb

A new musical instrument, called a Musicon, lets children as young as three have fun while composing music, learning math and beginning to code. Reuters’ Stuart McDill reports

UPSOT Introducing Musicon – an instrument that teaches children a lot more than just music.

Its inventor says the interactive device helps develop a whole raft of skills.

“Children seek to compose their melody and are not aware that they are learning mathematics, counting, that they have to cooperate with the partner they are playing with,” Kamil Laszuk, developer of Musicon instrument, saying.

UPSOT The speed the barrel rotates is easily controlled…. and three instruments on top of the device are mounted magnetically and easily changed, even while playing.

Its maker says an education programme designed around the instrument has proven therapeutic benefits. The company is now fundraising, aiming to get the Musicon into full production before the end of the year.