Kaspersky products not certified by Britain’s cyber security center

July 19, 2017 - 4:35 PM
(Reuters file photo)

LONDON, ENGLAND — Britain’s National Cyber Security Centre said on Tuesday it had never certified products from Russian cyber security firm Kaspersky Lab.

“The NCSC certifies products through a range of initiatives, and vendors apply to have their products certified via one of our accredited lab partners,” the NCSC, which is part of Britain’s GCHQ eavesdropping security agency, said.

“We certify products through a range of initiatives, but the NCSC has never had products listed from Kaspersky,” it said.

After a U.S. government move to restrict its activities, Kaspersky Lab said it had fallen victim to U.S.-Russia global sparring.

Furthermore, in an email statement sent to Reuters news agregator InterAksyon.com, Kaspersky Lab said: “The NCSC is not a regulator and they do not certify anti-virus products. We work closely with public sector across the world and where required with regulatory and certification bodies.”

Added 5th paragraph on July 20, 2017: Kaspersky Lab email statement to InterAksyon in reaction to the Reuters news article.