ICT UPDATE | IT experts, end users, futurists join inaugural Dell EMC Forum 2017

October 1, 2017 - 7:19 PM
The Del EmC Forum 2017: (from left) Ronnie Latinazo, country general manager, Dell EMC Philippines; Pang Yee Beng, senior vice president, Commercial Business, South Asia & Korea, Dell EMC; and managing director, Dell Malaysia; Dindo Marzan, managing director of Hatch, the Digital Transformation (DX) group of Voyager Innovations, Inc.; Samuel “Chips” Guevarra, executive director, PhilDev. Handout photo

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — The Dell EMC Forum (DEF) 2017 was the first major event in the Philippines for the tech company following the merger of the two technology giants one year ago.

Held at the Shangri-la at the Fort, Bonifacio Global City on September 26, the annual DEF event was event designed for IT professionals to connect with peers, discuss strategies, gain insights and explore the comprehensive Dell EMC solutions that drive IT transformation, enhance workforce mobility and reduce risk in the digital era.

The theme “Realize”, centers on how Dell EMC can help businesses take the steps in realizing their digital future in the new digital transformation era. Dell EMC executives and experts discuss modernizing IT infrastructure, automated IT services, transforming people and processes, and how the future would look like in terms of human and machine partnerships.

“The new digital era today is really the next industrial revolution where data becomes the main driver. This ruthlessly redraws the business landscape in the Philippines. Yet, this monumental change is rich with opportunities,” said Ronnie Latinazo, country general manager, Dell EMC Philippines. “We are bringing these experts and showcase to help IT stakeholders in the Philippines rethink their business processes to become more agile, flexible, innovative, user-oriented and customer focused, and demonstrate how technology plays a fundamental role to help them achieve this”

In his DEF plenary keynote, Paul Henaghan, vice president, Data Center Solutions, Asia Pacific & Japan, Dell EMC, comments: “Technology innovation is advancing at an exponential rate, powering a new era of digital transformation. Our world and work are more immersive, more collaborative, more mobile and more competitive than ever before. As these demands drive today’s business, IT becomes the business. It is important for decision makers to understand that real digital transformation takes real work.”

The DEF 2017 showcases a comprehensive portfolio of Dell EMC products and solutions from edge to core to cloud that will help businesses accelerate deployment of their overall IT transformation strategy. Besides the break-out sessions, a hands-on experience lab is also accessible for all participants to get in-depth orientations of all the available solutions.

The next era of human-machine partnership

At the same event, Dell EMC together with Samuel Guevara, executive director of the Philippine Development Foundation and Dindo Marzan, managing director of Hatch, Voyager Innovations, Inc. also discuss how emerging technologies will recast human relationship with machines in the future – creating deeper and more immersive partnerships. The discussion leverages on a recent report published by Dell Technologies in collaboration with the Institute for the Future (IFTF) and 20 technology, academic and business experts from across the globe.

“People have been working alongside machines for decades and we are seeing fast adoption of the emerging technologies such as VR, Cloud and AI, enabling an evolution in the relationship and dynamic between humans and machines,” said Pang Yee Beng, senior vice president, Commercial Business, South Asia & Korea, Dell EMC and managing director, Dell Malaysia. “This partnership will be a symbiotic one, with machines bringing speed, automation and improved efficiency, and humans providing judgement, creativity and problem solving capabilities.”

The report claims that in 2030 every organization will be a technology organization and as such businesses need to start thinking today about how to future-proof their infrastructure and workforce. Emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics, virtual reality, augmented reality and cloud computing will transform our lives and how we work over the next decade. The discussion offers insights on how consumers and businesses in the Philippines can prepare to enter a new phase in its relationship with machines.

The DEF 2017 hosted a total of 21 break-out sessions that focus on three key topics such as Digital Transformation, IT Transformation: Best of Breed Platforms, and Workforce Transformation.