WATCH | Robot ANYmal takes the elevator


ANYmal is an autonomous quadrupedal robot designed to navigate industrial sites, with the eventual aim of inspecting oil and gas sites without human help. Jim Drury has more.

This four-legged robot hangs around for no-one. ANYmal can move autonomously.

It was developed by ETH Zurich spin-off company ANYbotics which wants to make the robot commercially available. ANYmal contains torque controllable actuators and thermal cameras.

Weighing less than 30 kilograms, its batteries will last for up to two hours. Able to run, climb, and navigate sudden obstacles in its path, it’s hoped it could one day inspect dangerous industrial sites for leaks.

Water and dust proof, ANYmal can also take a ten kilogram payload, and could be useful in search-and-rescue missions.

Failing that, it could get a job as an elevator operator.