Maxene Magalona, Leila Alcasid share tips on staying fresh all day

pH Care recently launched its ‘Care You Deserve’ campaign to bring awareness on feminine care and choosing the right feminine hygiene product. Photo by Romsanne Ortiguero, InterAksyon.

pH Care, a leading feminine care brand recently launched its “Care You Deserve” campaign to bring awareness on the importance of having the right feminine care products that answers one’s feminine hygiene needs.

Chrissie Cobarrubias, pH Care Brand Manager shared during the press conference held in Makati City, “We were inspired by the idea that in order to care for women, one has to have a deeper understanding of their quirks, you have to get their complexities; and what we realized is that women are wired differently and because of this uniqueness, women think, behave, and feel differently.

“That’s why in the campaign, we said ‘ang pag-aalaga sa babae iba; ‘di pwedeng basta basta lang.’ This is something we wanted to convey more importantly on the topic of feminine care because the feminine area is very sensitive, and you can’t just choose generic care (products) down there. You have to choose a product that truly understands the care you need,” she added.

Chrissie Cobarrubias, pH Care Brand Manager, presents the unique ingredients of the feminine care product in a press conference. Photo courtesy of pH Care.

Contrary to ordinary soaps meant to cleanse the body and have a pH level of 9 to 10, pH Care is known to be clinically formulated with the right pH level of 5 that matches the natural pH level of a woman’s intimate area. The product is best used daily to keep the feminine area fresh, clean, and odor-free.

“Once you start using these high pH products on your feminine area, it disrupts the natural balance in that area, and it sort of creates an environment  for bad bacteria to grow, which then leads to irritation and infection,” Cobarrubias said.

To launch the campaign, newly engaged actress Maxene Magalona, and daughter of singer-composer Ogie Alcasid, Leila Alcasid, were invited as special guests.

Both ladies, who are at different stages of their lives shared some tips on staying fresh and confident despite their busy schedules. Here are some of the tips revealed by Maxene and Leila during a sit-down interview with some reporters:

Celebrity guests Maxene Magalona and Leila Alcasid grace ph Care’s media conference to promote the brand’s ‘Care You Deserve’ campaign. Photo courtesy of pH Care.

1. Always make time for yourself.
Leila: “Even if you’re busy, always have time to shower, always have time to, you know, do the essentials. When you wake up, you shower; you brush your teeth, things like that.  No matter how tired you are especially when you’ve had work all day or you had to go to bed late then you wake up early, always make time for yourself.”

Maxene: “Take care of your physical being. After you take a bath, it just gives you that fresh feeling, and you feel like you can take on the day and that’s where you use your pH Care. It’s actually important to use it every day so that’s what I do; I take a bath every day, and I use pH Care every day.”

2. Bring the essentials wherever you go.
Leila: “I make sure that I have cologne on me and like alcohol, sanitizer, all that kind of thing. Always have the essentials like the travel-size pH care. Always be prepared; bring these things with you.”

3. Keep a regular and proper skin routine.
Leila: “I’m super OC in making sure that I take my make up off as soon as I can.. No matter how tired you are, always take your make up off.

“I use a cleansing oil that is really good in taking off your make up, like coconut oil; then I always cleanse and scrub once or twice a week; then sometimes do a mask; then moisturize. I use oil-free moisturizer because my face is naturally oily in the T-zone so especially with this weather, I get super oily  so I use oil-free moisturizer to make sure that it prevents break outs.”

Maxene: “Care for your skin. Some people take skin care for granted. They always think na okay pa ‘yan but as you grow older, it will really show the effects of how much or how less you took care of your skin. It will show, so as early as possible, start caring for your skin, remove make up as soon as you get home or before you go to bed.”

4. Declare that you are in a happy mood.
Leila: “Decide that at the beginning of the day, you’re happy. Think of all the things that make you grateful. This is easier said than done but if you practice it every day, it will become a muscle memory, and it becomes a part of your routine.”

5. Know your body especially during red days.
Maxene: “You have to listen to your body. Some girls have dysmenorrhoea, migraines, some can’t handle their PMS well so it really depends on each girl, and what the effects of their period does to them. As soon as you understand what it does to you, and you know what to do, then every month it will become easier to handle. If you understand that it’s just a part of who you are, then it will become very easy.

“It’s also very important to clean yourself well when you are on your monthly period. Use pH Care as often as possible because that’s the most sensitive time, and you would really need it.”