Regine Tolentino says açaí freeze-dried capsules helped her look this hot

TV host, dancer, and Organique brand ambassador Regine Tolentino. Photo courtesy of Organique, Inc.

Actress, TV host, fashion designer, fitness and Zumba icon Regine Tolentino is one of those women who practically have to squeeze in time for so many things—shows, events, dance rehearsals, and her family life as well.

Regine shares, “I can’t afford to slack not only because this is the lifestyle I got used to but because I love the activity. For me it’s not work but a way of life already. That’s why I can’t miss taking this valuable part of my routine—even before I take my breakfast.”

This essential part of her daily routine is Organique’s new Açaí Freeze-Dried Capsule. Just like Organique’s popular health drink, the capsules are made from 100% pure Organique Açaí Freeze Dried Capsule: (pulp and skin) that are harvested fresh, straight from the Amazon rainforests in Brazil and produced exclusively by Organique, Inc., a Filipino company that aims to bring “the gift of natural wellness to Filipinos and help them improve their wellbeing.”

Açaí berries are known for their powerful anti-oxidants as measured by ORAC values. ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) values measure the amount of antioxidant per 100 grams of herb and botanical products and research shows that açaí berries contain a whopping 100,000 units.

Antioxidants breakdown the free radicals in our bodies that if unchecked can cause damage to our cells resulting to a wide range of illness and diseases. They benefit the body primarily by boosting the oxidation and ridding of free radicals and improving the immune system leading to disease and illness prevention, skin disease, heart health and memory health.

Teh berries also has other equally potent nutrients like minerals, vitamins to help strengthen an individual’s immune system to be able to combat the daily stresses of a harsh, toxic environment and prevent the onset of debilitating illnesses.

The capsules are available in most leading drugstores and is packaged in a box with 10 blister packets.

Organique brand ambassador leads the list of celebrities at the Purple Run slated on October 8, 2017. At the event’s media launch, Tolentino was joined by Organique’s Cathy Salimbangon (center) and Lerma Sta. Cruz (extreme right). Photo courtesy of Organique, Inc.

Visible effects
Regine discloses the visible effects of her health regimen, “I take Organique Organique Açaí Freeze Dried Capsule: Freeze Dried Capsule daily, without fail before I eat my breakfast. I feel energized, alert and active the whole day, ready to take on the day’s challenges,”

She also noticed that ever since she took Organique Açaí Freeze Dried Capsule, friends and peers in the business compliment her on her glowing skin and livelier energy.  “I noticed the same thing! I feel more on top of my game, being able to do more than my usual already-busy schedule. Even when I sleep late, I wake up feeling rested and not fatigued. Another plus is my skin, I know confidently, that I look younger, too.”

Fun Purple Run
On October 8 (Sunday), Regine leads fellow health buffs and açaí berry believers at the Organique Purple Run. Assembly time is at 4 a.m. at McKinley West in BGC, Taguig City. Categories include 3k, 5k and 10k runs.

The Purple Run encourages families and groups of friends to make it a date with fitness as other activities lined up include a Zumba workout (led by Regine, of course), colored powder showers, inflatable props, drum players, selfie or groufie sessions at the event’s photowall area, and Organique Açaí products, too, that will be for sale or as prizes to Purple Run participants.

For inquiries about the product or how to join the fun run, call (+632) 805-2684 or visit