‘Driving the extra mile’ for trucking businesses

September 29, 2019 - 5:34 PM
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Most businesses have a difficult time contacting and visiting multiple auto supply shops just to find the right part for their broken truck.

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Autokid Truck Solutions offers new and improved parts and aftersales services to help more businesses grow.

As more and more trucks are being transitioned to Euro IV, repairs for truck engines now require more knowledge in computers and diagnostics. This is good for everyone in the long run, but could also potentially hurt several businesses if they cannot update their current motor pool fast enough.

This is where Autokid comes in.

Autokid Truck Solutions is a direct importer of brand new and Japan-surplus trucks in the Philippines. It has provided solutions for the many businesses they work with, including Two Crystal Enterprise, a trucking services company based in Tondo, Manila.

Alvin Liu, president of Two Crystal Enterprise, recounts how Autokid helped his business.

“At first, I didn’t have the resources and knowledge to employ a team of fleet managers, mechanics, electricians and fabricators, and also maintain a warehouse where I can store parts.”

“It was also time-consuming to look for replacements parts for my trucks, plus my garage was not big enough to have a service bay for the repairs and troubleshooting of trucks. Through my partnership with Autokid, they served to become the backbone of my fleet management operations through their expertise in the field.”

He said that from the first year of operations, truck maintenance was done entirely by Autokid.

“Because of their help in managing my fleet, I [had more time] to focus on what I am good at, which is to find customs brokers, build a team of dispatchers to provide the best customer service and train drivers and helpers for defensive and safe driving,” he added.

The setup enabled him to grow his business to operating 20 trucks in 15 months.

Autokid turning over Dongfengtrucks to Two Crystal Enterprise. From left to right: Kevin McHale Yao, Autokid CEO; Alvin Liu, president of Two Crystal enterprise, and Eric Darryl Lim, Autokid vice president.


This year, Autokid is elevating its parts and aftersales repair services for trucks in the Philippines. Its truck parts arm, Truckstop, provides the largest selection of truck parts for businesses. Truckstop offers brand new and original spare parts for truck brands such as Dongfeng, Foton, Howo, Fuso, Isuzu, Hino and more.


Truckstop has three main locations in Quezon City, Sta. Rita Bulacan and Subic, with other branches in Dagupan, Cavite, Batangas and Albay to name a few.

Autokid understands the struggle of looking for truck parts in the Philippines.

Most businesses have a difficult time contacting and visiting multiple auto supply shops just to find the right part for their broken truck. Because of this, Autokid recently launched a new e-commerce feature on its website (https://shop.autokid.com.ph), wherein interested customers can conveniently browse through Truckstop’s inventory of available truck parts, order online, and pay via Paypal, credit card, or even cash on delivery.

Aside from selling truck parts, Autokid also offers quality repair services for businesses through its truck repair arm Autokid Service Care. Their mechanics are all TESDA-certified and adhere to international standards. Through its partnership with TESDA, Autokid aims to create a training center that would help the next generation of mechanics to learn how to handle trucks with newer technologies such as Euro IV.

“It has been a great relief that Autokid has been very reliable when it comes to their services,” Liu continued.

He explained that Autokid’s “speedy protocol” is felt by clients who are given immediate assistance to inquiries and repair requests.

“Most of my scheduled service repairs are done at their Sta. Rita Bulacan facility, which lasts for only one to two days. This is very important to me because all my 20 trucks are amortized for two years,” he said.

“I can’t afford to have a very long downtime for repairs. Thanks to Autokid, I don’t worry about my trucks having long downtimes. All my trucks are running on the roads, helping me gain sales and grow my business. This way I am able to pay for the amortizations of my large fleet,” Liu added.

Alvin Liu, Two Crystal Enterprise
Alvin Liu, president of Two Crystal Enterprise, is a client of Autokid.

Autokid’s main service center is located in Sta. Rita Bulacan. It can accommodate 80 service bays of all sizes. In the coming months, Autokid plans to expand to seven locations in Quezon Avenue in Quezon City, Subic, Dagupan, Batangas, and Albay, with a total of over 200 service bays to accommodate more trucks around the country.

The goal of providing better aftersales services to customers doesn’t stop there. Autokid recently partnered with engine manufacturers Cummins, Weichai, and Yuchai to become the accredited service centers for brands’ truck engines.

Autokid also has an ongoing partnership with Pilipinas Shell to use only top quality Shell lubricants in servicing their clients. Furthermore, Autokid has also become the main truck repair arm of Standard Insurance, one of the leading non-life insurance companies in the Philippines.

In the coming years, expect the level of after-sales services for trucks to grow and provide more value to customers around the country. Through these efforts, Autokid aims to go the extra mile to drive the growth of many businesses.


To know more about Autokid Truck Solutions’ line of products and services, visit https://www.autokid.com.ph, or visit the online parts store at https://shop.autokid.com.ph.