MMDA responds to concern about SUV spotted passing through EDSA Carousel bus lane

August 7, 2023 - 2:51 PM
EDSA Carousel bus
A driver of an EDSA Carousel bus at the Quezon City loading bay (Philippine News Agency/Jess M. Escaros Jr)

The Metro Manila Development Authority responded to a post by a former lawmaker who alerted the agency of a sports utility vehicle (SUV) passing through the EDSA Carousel bus lane over the weekend.

Former Quezon representative Erin Tañada on Sunday, August 6 shared a picture of a white GMC which he claimed used the exclusive bus lane along the northbound side of EDSA on Sunday, 5:15 p.m.

GMC is a brand of American automotive vehicles.

The former lawmaker alleged that the incident happened in front of SM Megamall in Mandaluyong City.

“I hope you monitored this and impose the appropriate penalty!” Tañada wrote on August 1.

MMDA did not initially respond to the former lawmaker’s tweet, but it answered some Twitter users who tagged them about the post.

“@MMDA, ano na,” a Filipino tweeted in response to Tañada’s post, tagging the agency’s account in the process.

“Nagawan na po namin ito ng report. Thank you,” the MMDA answered.

Another Twitter user simply tagged the agency in a quote tweet without any other message.

“Nagawan na po namin ito ng report. Thank you,” the agency also responded.

While the MMDA took note of Tañada’s post, its action was criticized by some Twitter users who compared its past treatment to motorcycle riders who also used the bus lane before.

“@MMDA, bakit sa reply niyo gumawa ng report? Last month kasi hinuli ninyo agad with documentation pa ‘yung mga naka-motor, can we also see the same action sa mga ganitong sasakyan?” a Filipino commented.

“Sana ganun din, huli agad. With documentation din po sana,” the Twitter user added.

The incident which the user referred to was a series of motorcycle riders apprehended by the MMDA last month for using the EDSA Carousel bus lane.

Reports said over 150 riders were issued tickets.

Last year, Tañada spotted a Toyota Land Cruiser using the exclusive bus lane along EDSA. He also tagged the MMDA in his post and asked them about its policy on the bus transit lane.

“We’ve prepared a report on this and we’ve forwarded this to the concerned office,” the agency responded before.

The MMDA’s Twitter account also said the report was sent to its Traffic Discipline Office, the unit tasked with enforcing traffic rules.

Last June, the agency stressed that the EDSA Carousel bus lane is exclusive for passenger buses, ambulances, and marked government vehicles responding to emergencies.

“We keep on reminding motorists not to use the innermost lane of EDSA as it may result in an accident, but despite our repeated calls and pleas, many drivers of privately-owned vehicles and motorcycle riders disregard the policy,” MMDA acting chairman Don Artes said before.

A report from an automobile publication said that motorists who have been apprehended for using the EDSA Carousel bus lane before might get their driver’s license suspended if they have reached the 40-point demerit system.

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The bus lane along EDSA is designated for the EDSA Carousel, a  bus rapid transit system running in a dedicated right-of-way that is separated from the normal road traffic by barriers on the innermost lane.

It replaced the former bus routes along EDSA, where passengers were picked up on the outermost lanes.