‘Lahat matitiketan’: Photo of EDSA busway violators goes viral

July 11, 2023 - 5:25 PM
A photo of an operations by I-Act personnel at the exclusive bus lane in Pasay City on July 4, 2023 (PNA photos by Avito Dalan)

Motorists being ticketed at the EDSA Bus Carousel lane last week earned criticisms on social media for violating the policy despite constant reminders from authorities about it.

This lane, which is located at the innermost lane of EDSA, is dedicated to EDSA Carousel buses only. Other vehicles that can use it are ambulance units and government vehicles responding to emergency scenes.

Early this month, MMDA strengthened its implementation of this policy amid the rise of traffic violators along the thoroughfare.

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On July 4, the Interagency Council for Traffic or I-Act flagged a total of 150 motorcycle riders and private vehicle drivers for illegally driving through the bus lane in Pasay City.

In an operation, a group of I-Act operatives boarded a Carousel bus as part of their surveillance. Motorists seeking a traffic-free trip through the lane later formed a long line behind the bus.

The bus slowed down to let the I-Act operatives alight the vehicle.

The Carousel bus was allowed to continue its trip. However, the vehicles behind it were halted and apprehended. They were given temporary operator’s permits (TOP) for their violation.

I-Act also uploaded a video of this operation on its Facebook page.

A transport blogger named Gadget Addict also uploaded a video compilation of the series of operations that I-Act operatives conducted along EDSA that day.

It has since garnered at least 8.6 million views on the platform.

A photo from this operation, meanwhile, gained widespread attention from Facebook users.

The snapshot showed the long queue of motorists seemingly trapped as they wait for their turn to receive tickets from the I-Act operatives.

A page called Road Rage PH posted this and quipped: “Wag magtulakan, lahat matitiketan.”

Another page that also shared the same post also made a sarcastic remark about being patient.

“Isa, isa lang! Easy lang, lahat ay matitiketan!” the post reads.

A commuters’ group, meanwhile, urged MMDA that such measures should be done regularly.

“Dapat araw-arawin ito. Wala nang silbi ang bus lane kung gagamitin niyo ring mga kamote,” the post reads.

Several Filipinos also applauded the operatives and the traffic enforcers for diligently carrying out their duties.

In a post, I-Act reminded all road users about following traffic rules, including the exclusivity of the bus lane to EDSA Carousel buses.

“Paulit-ulit na nagpapaalala ang I-ACT sa ating mga road users na respetuhin ang tinalagang eksklusibong lane para sa mga mananakay ng bus sa EDSA Bus Carousel,” the council said.

“Kagya’t nito ay babala na ang mga patuloy na mahuhuli dito ay nilalagay ang kanilang mga lisensya sa panganib na buminggo sa sumasaklaw na 40-point system nito base sa bilang ng mga demerit na kanilang matatamo,” it added.