Jim Paredes calls out fake Tulfo over fake Boracay photo

October 19, 2018 - 12:31 PM
Jim Paredes called out the "Tulfo Brothers Page" in Facebook for misusing a photo that was originally taken from Asian Dragon Bay in Hainan Province, China. (Facebook/Tulfo Brothers Page)

Musician Jim Paredes slammed a dubious Facebook page for misusing a beach photo after it claimed that it was taken on Boracay to laud the administration’s recently concluded rehabilitation efforts.

Tulfo Brothers Page” on Facebook shared a photo of a beach shoreline with the caption “Ganito na kaganda ang Boracay. Salamat kay Tatay Digong.”

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Screenshot by Interaksyon

It is good to note, however, that the “Tulfo Brothers Page” does not have any content except the particular beach photo and some profile modifications. Its oldest post was on September 25.

A Facebook user has also accused it of being “fake.”

While there are lots of pages on Facebook that support the Tulfo brothers, none of them are official or authorized.

‘Oriental Hawaii’

Paredes’ tweet shared a screenshot of a website where the photo was perceived to have come from.

The article was titled “Adorable beach destinations to explore in Indonesia, Asia” but it did not credit the photo’s source and never mentioned Boracay.

Further research reveals that the photo was actually taken on Asian Dragon Bay in Hainan, China. The island province has been listed visa-free for Philippine passport holders since May.

According to a Chinese travel agency, Hainan is dubbed the “Oriental Hawaii” for having similar weather conditions and pristine beaches to its Western counterpart.

Asian Dragon Bay is considered “one of the most scenic spots in Hainan Province” because of its crystal-clear waters and fine white sands.

It is also a “protected marine reserve” that forbids commercial fishing in its areas since it has a large marine biodiversity protected by the Chinese government. — Photo from Tulfo Brothers Page via Facebook