Cavs’ Dahntay Jones almost lost two-thirds of his salary in just 2 minutes

May 2, 2017 - 9:33 PM
USA Today/Reuters

Veteran Dahntay Jones played in the last two minutes of the Cleveland Cavaliers’ 116-105 Game One win over the Toronto Raptors on Monday.

And in that short amount of time, the 36-year-old guard/forward had to say goodbye to a big chunk of his salary. Well, almost.

Jones is facing a $6,000 fine after getting back-to-back technicals for taunting in garbage time against the Raptors.

That’s two-thirds of his entire paycheck this season. Jones earned $9,127 after signing a veteran’s minimum contract with the defending champions just before the playoffs, according to ESPN.

Each technical foul in the NBA comes with a $3,000 fine.

But Jones has nothing to worry about, as teammate LeBron James has pledged to pay the fine.

Jones was in a similar situation last year. He was also signed by the Cavaliers at the end of the regular season, and got suspended in a playoff game also against the Raptors. He earned $8,800 that season, and got a fine of $80 which James paid.