MMDA explains elevated footbridge in EDSA for pedestrian safety

November 6, 2018 - 1:24 PM
Finished elevated footbridge
The Metro Manila Development Authority revealed that the elevated footbridge was constructed to prevent pedestrian-related accidents in the area. (Reddit Philippines/sgtlighttree)

The Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) explained that their unusually tall footbridge, the latest one constructed near the MRT GMA-Kamuning Station along EDSA, is for the safety of pedestrians in the area.

According to MMDA spokesperson Celine Pialogo, the ten-meter-high elevated footbridge was made to help pedestrians cross the other side of the road without casualties, especially since the area is a major thoroughfare.

She noted that on average, ten pedestrians every month are involved in an accident within the specific area. Most of them walk below the MRT to cross the other side of EDSA, which is considered jaywalking.

“Ayaw ho ng mga residente dito na pumunta sa may area ng Timog o kumaliwa dito sa may Quezon Avenue para makatawid. Kasi gusto ho nila maka-shortcut. So inuna lang ho natin ‘yung safety,” Pialogo explained.

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MMDA General Manager Jojo Garcia added that it was only temporarily made to avoid instances of jaywalking.

“Inilagay muna natin ito temporary para at least maiwasan lang po natin iyung patintero sa kalsada,” he said.

In addition, the footbridge was constructed in that certain height so as not to obstruct the MRT’s power lines located underneath. The elevated footbridge is 10 meters high.

Pialogo explained that this was done to adhere to the five-meter clearance imposed by the MRT on constructions near its power lines.

“Yung taas, wala ho tayong magagawa, kasi masasagasaan natin ‘yung MRT. Ta’s pangalawa … may mga kable din diyan, kailangan din ho iwasan,” she said.

The footbridge was also constructed to prevent pedestrians and commuters from being victims of thievery since the area, according to Garcia, is dimly lit.

A previous report showed that most social media users were dissatisfied with the elevated footbridge’s height, citing that it was inconsiderate of people with disabilities, senior citizens, and those who have vertigo.

Pedestrian-related accidents 

As of October 18, it was reported by MMDA that 1,682 pedestrians have committed jaywalking, or the act of illegally crossing a street without regard for vehicles or the approaching traffic.

The one-thousandth rate has not decreased since August 31.

The Philippine Statistics Authority in 2017 also reported that pedestrians are the second most affected in terms of road accidents concerning vehicular collision.

According to a previous report, 19 percent of pedestrians lose their lives in car-caused accidents on a monthly average basis.

EDSA Kamuning, the area where the elevated footbridge is nearby located, is considered one of the top accident-prone areas in the metro.

A study conducted by the Ateneo de Manila University in 2017 revealed that 1,788 accidents occur in the area alone. It is ranked sixth in terms of accident occurrence.

Most people involved are young people, specifically those in the 18 to 34-years-old age bracket. — Featured photo from ‘sgtlighttree’ via Reddit Philippines