Pasig City music company uses unconventional lingo for filing of leaves

January 30, 2019 - 7:00 PM
Applicant writing in a form
A worker writing on a paper. (Pixabay/File photo)

A Pasig-based company’s leave filing form is making the rounds on social media for its amusing terms used to categorize employee leaves.

Facebook user Mat Olivades shared that their company has a “new system” of filing their respective leaves that uses colloquial gay lingo where a sick leave is called “shooket” and a vacation leave is “galalur.”

The leave form is used by FlipMusic, a music production studio in Pasig City.

While the official Labor Code does not provide specific terms for employee leaves, it mandates that people working in a company for a year must be granted five days of annual service incentive leave.

Companies are also required to provide their workers with a maternity leave for expectant mothers, a paternity leave for fathers with an expectant wife and a solo parent leave.

Women who have been victimized by “physical, sexual, psychological harm or suffering, or economic abuse” are also entitled to a leave with pay for ten days.

In addition, women who need to undergo surgery for gynecological disorders can also avail of a special leave that can last for two full months.

Other types of leaves are given under the discretion of a company, such as sick leaves, vacation leaves, bereavement leaves, birthday leaves and emergency leaves.