An ongoing debate on overly casual clothing for casual dining

February 26, 2019 - 2:30 PM
Krispy Kreme in BGC
Customers eating in a Krispy Kreme branch at Taguig. (Wikimedia Commons/File photo)

Social media users slammed a Facebook post that called out two people for eating in a public place with sleeveless shirts, saying that the uploader should mind their own business.

The post does not identify the original uploader since the name was cropped out.

The uploader argued that people shouldn’t be allowed to wear sandos, shorts and slippers in public places since “others can lose their appetite,” among other things.

Meanwhile, users who saw the post claimed that the uploader does not have the right to judge and impose standards on people.

TLDR: Gown daw isusuot kapag pumunta sa coffee shop. Kakaloka. from Philippines

The post was also shared on Reddit, where it gathered several opinions from the public.

“Minding one’s own business should also be passed on to legislation. Seriously though, these dudes look fine, it’s not like they’re walking around with sh*t stained clothing,” user Tiniwiens commented.

“Lahat na lang pinapakialamanan [sic]. I cannot understand this world. Haha. These gentlemen should sue the writer for taking their photos without their consent and cyberbullying lol,” user kateypurry wrote.

“They’re paying customers; let them be :P” wrote user SovArya.

Generally, casual coffee shops such as the one pictured above do not have dress codes for their customers.

Based on the advertisement on the image, the men were eating at a Krispy Kreme outlet.

The donut shop does not have any rule that states only customers wearing certain types of clothing are welcome.

Usually, restaurants that specialize in fine dining are the only ones that impose dress codes to their customers.

Dining room manager Chad Bertelsman said this is to maintain keep a certain atmosphere or tone in the establishment.

Former maître d’ John Winterman believes that the way a customer looks has serious repercussions in such places.

“If someone comes in making an effort and looking fabulous and glamorous and they know they’re in for a premium experience at a premium price, you give them a fabulous table in the middle of the room,” he shared.