Not the first time: Baron Geisler accused Ping Medina of raping women 4 years ago

April 15, 2020 - 4:16 PM
Photo by Sydney Sims on Unsplash
A sketchy photographer got condemned for allegedly using minors for a photoshoot that suggests rape as art. (Unsplash/Sydney Sims)

Actor Baron Geisler alleged actor Crispin “Ping” Medina raped his former girlfriend after testimonies of alleged sexual harassment against Ping surfaced on social media late Tuesday.

These allegations made “Ping Medina” trend on Twitter Philippines.

Screenshot by Interaksyon

A Twitter user named “Jan” made a thread with private messages screenshots exposing the alleged sexual misconduct of Ping on the micro-blogging platform.

The online user said that these came from people who sought to tell their stories anonymously.

“He has a history of his behavior which resulted in him getting kicked out from Ateneo. He still hasn’t learned his lesson, obviously. People have reached out to me or are speaking out. Feel free to dm me about it if you’re uncomfortable. I won’t post anything that you’re not comfortable,” Jan said.

The source tweet that the she initially re-shared, however, can no longer be accessed as the source Twitter account has been set to private mode. Several retweets on the thread were also no longer publicly accessible.

Meanwhile, other online users shared screenshots of supposed private messages with the actor allegedly flirting with them.


Jan also claimed that Ping frequents dating apps Tinder and Bumble to hit on girls.

“Girls have messaged me to say he asks where u are/if u want to hook up agad and just really creepy. He’s emotionally abusive, cheated on his ex with numerous girls and overall manipulative so please watch out!” she said.

Another online user, whose account was suddenly deactivated, also shared that the actor even asked her out even when she told him she was only a minor.

Baron, whom Ping had a previous beef with, later contributed to the thread and alleged that Ping and his friend raped his former girlfriend.

Baron then retweeted this comment and said: “Reason why I peed.”

He was referring to an incident in 2016 when he urinated on Ping while filming the movie “Bubog,” which was released a year later.

Baron’s name also briefly trended on Twitter after online users expressed their surprise over his tweet.

As of writing, Ping has yet to respond to the online allegations.

The ‘pee incident’

Ping and Baron’s fallout started in November 2016 when the former called out the latter for peeing on him.

The incident allegedly occurred while they were filming a scene wherein Pings hands and feet were tied and his mouth was taped.

“Napakabilis ng pangyayari. Naramdaman ko na lang na may bumabasa sa dibdib ko. Medyo mainit at may amoy,” Ping claimed on a Facebook post in 2016.

After they finished shooting, Ping mulled on fighting with Baron, but he just resorted to punching a concrete wall instead which led to his fracture.

He then warned executives of GMA and ABS-CBN against hiring the actor again.

When Baron first called Ping a ‘rapist’

In December of that year, Director Arlyn Dela Cruz decided to recast the actors in the movie.

Ping expressed support on the director’s move in a now deleted Facebook post. He then encouraged the public to move on.

Baron, however, flooded Ping’s with accusations that his co-actor is a serial rapist, including one of his former friends.

Baron also claimed to possess sensitive photos that would put the actor in jail.

“You raped many girls,” Baron previously commented.

With the recent accusations, some Filipinos re-shared articles on Baron’s previous allegations and expressed regret that they didn’t believe his claims before.

“Apparently, Baron Geisler told us 4 years ago about Ping Medina being a predator, but we slept [on] him and think he’s crazy? How dare us,” one said.

Others, meanwhile, noted that Filipinos should be wary on their support to Baron because the actor also has alleged similar record.

“I don’t know how to feel about Baron having the upper hand in this conversation about rape when he himself received accusations of lasciviousness before,” the user said.

In 2011, Baron was accused of touching actress Cherry Pie Picache.

In view of this, Professional Artist Management, Inc. urged Baron to issue a public apology.

The actor, however, denied the allegations against him.

Baron also faced similar complaints from William Martinez and Yayo Aguila’s daughter Patricia, Julia Clarete and Yasmien Kurdi, according to previous reports.