4 ways brands are reaching out to Filipinos amid COVID-19 pandemic

May 22, 2020 - 8:42 PM
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People holding mobile phones are silhouetted against a backdrop projected with the Twitter logo in this illustration picture taken September 27, 2013. (Reuters/Kacper Pempe)

Twitter announced that the majority of its Filipino users prefer brands and companies to offer free services or make free versions of them during the COVID-19 pandemic in the country.  

In a report on May 21, Twitter shared four ways on how brands and companies managed to help their customers in the Philippines cope with the health crisis through the micro-blogging platform.  

Helping Filipinos in any way they can

One of these are the brands’ initiatives to make their products and services free for their customers or donate part of the income to their personnel.  

“There are various ways on how brands are providing customer service and support. 90% of Filipinos on Twitter agree that the best way for brands and companies to respond to #COVID19 is to offer free services or make free versions of their platform,” the social networking site said.

Twitter cited the brands Microsoft Philippines and Angkas as among the brands leading such initiatives.

Microsoft shared last May 13 a free trial period of its full Microsoft Office 365. 

“No matter the size of your business, data privacy matters,” the post read. 

Ride-sharing app Angkas, meanwhile, launched a food delivery service to provide a livelihood for its bikers last March, the same month when quarantine measures were implemented in most parts of the country.

“We will not take any commission in this initiative. Sa kanila lahat to,” the post read 

The other three ways are: 

Share accurate and reliable information 

Since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak in January, false information about the new virus which causes COVID-19 and the measures the national government has been implementing to help slow down the transmissions were rampant on social media.

Twitter cited a survey that showed Filipino Twitter users believed that companies have the responsibility to fact-check the content they post online. 

“According to the Global Web Index, 76% of Filipinos on Twitter believe that social media companies should provide fact-check content to help people cope with the outbreak,” it said.  

In view of this, Twitter recently launched a COVID-19 Events Page and a #COVID19 search prompt to direct its users to credible sources of information related to the highly communicable disease.  

“To use the COVID-19 Events page feature, go to the Explore tab if using a desktop or see the top of the home timeline for mobile users. To see all of the latest steps Twitter is taking in response to Covid-19, visit covid19.twitter.com,” it said.  

Find ways to entertain people

Some brands are also using Twitter to provide hope, inspiration, and amusement to Filipino users.  

“As people spread messages of hope and inspiration, brands are using Twitter to make each other’s day a little bit brighter through entertaining and interactive Tweets,” Twitter said.  

Twitter cited some entertaining initiatives of Netflix Philippines and the National Book Store

Keep Filipinos connected

Despite being in virtual spaces, some companies like McDo Philippines and PLDT Home managed to keep Filipinos connected by reminding them of important events such as the celebration of Mother’s Day early this month.  

“The challenge we are facing today calls for brands, authorities, and people to work hand in hand. By launching projects and campaigns that help many, brands on Twitter are able to connect with the Filipinos by addressing what they need and showing a heart for service,” Twitter said.