Apple gave a glimpse of iOS14, its latest software update, and here’s how iPhone 6 users reacted

June 23, 2020 - 7:59 PM
Person holding an iPhone
Stock photo of a model of an iPhone with an old software. (Pixabay/kropekk_pl)

The phrase “iPhone 6,” a smartphone that was released in the Philippines six years ago, landed on local Twitter’s top trending list on Tuesday afternoon after Apple announced the release of iOS14.

The keyword is on the third spot of the list as of writing, with more than 29,300 tweets under its belt.

It mostly includes posts from Filipino users of the particular smartphone model who lamented that they couldn’t experience the latest software update of the iPhone, Apple’s smartphone line.

“Nasaan ang hustiya bakit kami naka iPhone 6 walang ios 14,” a Twitter user wrote with a pleading face emoji.

“‘Yung may IOS 14 na pero naka-iPhone 6 ka :(( kahit nga 13 man lang pinagkait eh,” another online user wrote, referencing how iPhone 6 can no longer be updated to iOS13, the predecessor of the latest software update.

iOS13 had introduced the system-wide dark mode option to iPhone users that minimizes the light emitted by the device while maintaining the minimum color contrast ratios required for readability.

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“Meron na ios 14 pero iPhone 6 pa rin ang gamit ko. I’m not ok,” another online user commented on the microblogging platform with a loudly crying face emoji.

Another online user shared a famous image used as a meme in an attempt to portray how people who were recently gifted an iPhone 6 would probably react to the news.

Another user retweeted a post that shared some of the features of iOS14 and wrote with a woozy face emoji: “iPhone 6 users left the group.”

Apple on June 22 gave a preview of its latest software update, iOS14, which they said is the “biggest update ever to Home Screen pages with beautifully redesigned widgets,” as well as the introduction of the App Library.

“The new widgets present timely information at a glance and can be pinned in different sizes on any Home Screen page. Users can create a Smart Stack of widgets, which uses on-device intelligence to surface the right widget based on time, location, and activity,” the multinational tech giant said.

Apple iOS14 preview
Preview of widgets in iPhone’s latest software update, iOS14. (Photo from Apple Newsroom/Released)

“Home Screen pages can display widgets that are customized for work, travel, sports, entertainment, and other areas of interest,” Apple continued.

iPhone users can also watch videos on the screen while using apps at the same time, as well as be alerted of incoming alerts without it taking up the whole screen.

iOS14 also gives users the chance to gauge how an app uses and obtains data for transparency purposes amid recent privacy concerns on platforms.

The software is compatible with iPhone 6s models and later ones and is expected to roll out by fall, which begins in the fourth week of September.

Meanwhile, the keyword “iOS14” also landed on local Twitter’s top trending list with more than 413,000 tweets mentioning the latest iPhone operating system.