‘iPhone’ trends as users experience ‘strange bug’ on Viber, Spotify, Pinterest, Tinder, Waze apps

July 10, 2020 - 8:55 PM
Image by Benjamin Sow (@bensow) via Unsplash

The keyword “iPhone” briefly landed on the top trending list of Twitter Philippines on Friday after some iOS users reported that they are experiencing bugs on some applications at the same time.

Apple phone users took to Twitter to report that apps such as Viber, Spotify, Pinterest, Tinder and Waze are crashing on their phones.

Some even took videos of their experience.

In view of this, the keywords “Viber” and “Spotify” also made it to the top trending list of Twitter Philippines as more online users report the unusual technical glitch. Around 7,290 mentioned Viber on their tweets while Spotify earned a whopping 955,000 tweets globally.

In a tweet, Viber said that such technical issue is being experienced worldwide.

The instant messaging software application advised its users to wait while they fix the glitch.

Meanwhile, The Independent reported that the iPhone version of the Swedish music streaming and media services provider Spotify also stopped working properly.

It reported that “the issue appears to be a consequence of problems with Facebook’s developers tools.”

“The same issue has led to problems at a wide variety of apps,” it added.

The Independent also said that “there appears to be no simple fix for the issue.”

Like Viber, the publication said deleting and re-installing the app “does not solve the problem.”

Meanwhile, the Jerusalem Post also reported some iPhone users reported experiencing technical issues with the Israeli GPS navigation app Waze on Friday evening.

On the other hand, London-based SkyNews also reported that Pinterest and dating app Tinder is also not working on iPhones.