Sinas leads launch of 4-minute NCRPO fitness habit using ‘Voltes V’ theme song

November 9, 2020 - 5:05 PM
Debold Sinas in fatigue
NCRPO chief Major General Debold Sinas in a fatigue uniform on this photo uploaded by the NCRPO's public information office on May 9, 2020. (Photo from PIO NCRO via Facebook)

Controversial Police Major General Debold Sinas led a four-minute exercise routine attended by police officers as part of the National Capital Region Police Office‘s (NCRPO) daily physical fitness initiative.

This activity was part of the NCRPO Fitness Habit launched by the NCRPO Fitness Team at Camp Bagong Diwa in Taguig City on Monday.

The routine used the theme song of classic Japanese super robot anime “Voltes V” in their attempt to stay fit as law enforcers tasked to serve and protect civilians.

Some of the routines were done while the law enforcers were sitting while others were done in a standing position.

The sitting routine, however, did not amuse some social media users who watched the video of it online. They felt that it was not strenuous enough to supposedly burn calories among the police force present.

“What sort of exercise is this? Even elementary students get more strenuous calisthenics than this,” a Twitter user claimed in response to the video.

“ARE THEY SERIOUS? THIS IS EXERCISE??? How much of their fats did they burn?” another online user exclaimed in disbelief.

“Maryosep!!! Tumayo kayo at maglakad, mas mabilis makabawas ng calories ‘yun. Hindi na kailangan ng Voltes V bgm (background music). #parangangtamad #angbigatngkatawan,” a Filipino commented.

Another Twitter user questioned the short duration of the daily exercise routine and claimed that his father, a “retired 75-year-old,” regularly exercises for an hour instead of four minutes.

“Kung ganon ‘yung exercise ng mga pulis, I’d last longer than them in a zombie apocalypse,” a different online user quipped.

Regine Cabato, Manila correspondent for The Washington Post, likewise expressed her sentiments about the routine.

“I have so many questions… are they even working their core with these exercises? Is this a fever dream or a meme?” she wrote in response to the video.

The concept of ‘Voltes V’ 

Sinas, before assuming his previous post as Metro Manila’s top cop, in 2019 said that he would implement the concept of “Voltes V” in his duties as the then-incoming director of NCRPO.

The “Voltes V” concept involves the community, government and the police force working together to achieve one goal.

Like the popular anime series, the three entities need to “volt in” or participate together as they move forward to fulfill their obligations.

Sinas reportedly said before that the anime’s theme song would be played in meetings to supposedly send the message to the police force that the community should work as one to fight criminalities.

Meanwhile, the NCRPO Fitness Team said the four-minute workout will be performed by NCRPO personnel every 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. daily to prevent sedentary lifestyle during office hours.

The movement also seeks to boost the personnel’s immunity and to be physically active.

“Better than nothing. . . Slowly but effective,” the NCRPO Fitness Team said in a Facebook post.

Prior to this, the NCRPO has already been following the four-minute fitness routine.

Last September, the police regional office uploaded a video on its YouTube account called the “4 minute fitness habit,” specifically a third version of the routine. It featured a mix of the “Voltes V” theme song, “Build Me Up Buttercup,” “Manila” and “Salamat.”

Its earliest video on the four-minute fitness routine was uploaded last February, which used “Voltes V’s” full opening theme song as background music.

“Voltes V” was previously banned by late dictator Ferdinand Marcos Sr. for “excessive violence” but many believed that it was taken off local airwaves due to its theme of uprising against dictatorship as depicted in the series.

Last January, the national police was reported to start requiring cops to meet weight standards for career advancement.

It was reported that almost half of the country’s police force were found to be overweight or obese.

The NCRPO Fitness Team said the four-minute fitness habit is also in connection with the Philippine National Police Body Mass Index Reduction Program which started in October last year.

This is also to expose obese or overweight personnel to more physical fitness activities aside from lectures and proper diet.