Punk band Converge gains new fans after addressing rants on internet service

January 18, 2021 - 7:35 PM
Converge band
Members of the Converge band in this photo uploaded on their official Facebook page on Dec. 14, 2020. (Photo from Converge via Facebook)

American hardcore punk band Converge gained new fans from the Philippines after it issued a statement addressing the complaints it received from Filipinos who are experiencing poor internet connection from a similarly-named provider.

The verified page of the band shared a screengrab of some comments from Filipinos who thought that they were Converge ICT Solutions, Inc., a fiber internet service provider in the Philippines.

It is more popularly known as Converge or Converge ICT.

“Hey everyone… still just a hardcore band over here. COVID-19 has not forced us to become an internet provider in the Philippines yet, but we hope everyone over there gets their internet access back,” the band said last Saturday.

“While you’re here though, click the link to our webstore and grab yourself a cool T-shirt or something,” it added with a laughing-with-tears emoji.


The band’s reply amused Filipinos despite the confusion experienced by some who failed to notice that the internet service provider’s Facebook page name uses its full name.

While both accounts are verified, Converge registers as a “musician/band” while Converge ICT registers as an “internet service provider” on the social networking platform.

Reports said that the individual who made the comment “has already apologized to the band for the mistake.”

Meanwhile, Converge ICT has reportedly acknowledged the issue and provided its subscribers with the actual link to its customer support page for concerns.

“Hi Converge, Appreciate the clarification. We are the hardcore fiber internet service provider in the Philippines. Rock on to your soundtrack in Cyberpunk 2077! Let us take it from here and redirect our subscribers to the right support page Converge ICT Support for concerns on internet services,” the ISP said in the comments section.

The mix-up has also earned the band new fans from the country who appreciated how they handled the incident.

“Felt sorry and ashamed for those who mistakenly thought this is one of the Philippines’ internet provider but this could be a good thing too, I personally don’t know this band but will start following you guys. HAHAHAHAHAHA you already have a fanbase in PH ♡ but again SORRY. #peaceout,” a Facebook user wrote.

“Starting to love this band. Keep safe. Love lots from Philippines,” another online user wrote in the comments section of Converge’s Facebook post.

“Because of the internet news I’ve been here… hmmm would start to hear from these guys hahahaha…” a different Filipino likewise commented.

“Because of this, I’m following (your) band and I’ll download (your) music.. (You) guys handle this so well… Salute!” another Facebook user exclaimed.

Converge started in the 1990s in Massachusetts and has since become a household name in the hardcore punk and heavy metal genre.

They are considered one of the earliest and most influential metalcore bands, with their 2001 album “Jane Doe” being named by Rolling Stone as one of the best 100 metal albums of all time.

The band has released nine studio albums so far.

Their collaboration song, “I Won’t Let You Go,” was included in the soundtrack of “Cyberpunk 2077,” one of the highly anticipated action games last year.