With medico legal report declaring Dacera’s death ‘natural,’ friends hopeful kin will find peace

January 28, 2021 - 6:34 PM
A photo of Christine Dacera via Instagram

Two respondents in the Dacera case joined some concerned Filipinos in hoping the mother of late Christine Dacera will finally move forward after the release of a medico legal report stating that her daughter died of natural causes.

Dacera was found unconscious at a hotel room at the City Garden Grand Hotel in Makati City last January 1 after a night of New Year’s Eve celebrations with friends.

Police reports and the initial autopsy report later stated that Dacera was declared dead at the Makati Medical Center due to ruptured aortic aneurysm.

The death of the 23-year-old flight attendant became the subject of headlines early this month after the Philippine National Police prematurely declared the case closed and tagged her as a victim of “rape-slay” despite the lack of evidence.

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At least three individuals whom Dacera partied with that night were also detained for alleged rape and homicide.

The National Bureau of Investigation later admitted the possibility of lapses in the initial probe and have conducted a second autopsy on Dacera’s remains.

The latest development

Copies of the medico legal report dated January 11 were reported by local media outfits on Wednesday. The PNP Crime Laboratory retained earlier findings which is Dacera’s death due to “ruptured aortic aneurysm,” therefore ruling out homicide.

A medical website defines aneurysm as the swelling of an artery due to a defect in the arterial wall.

In Dacera’s case, the report detailed that the increased blood pressure within her aorta made it burst, and then blood loss will occur.

It also stated that the dilation or aneurym in Dacera’s aorta was a “chronic condition” that “started long time ago or maybe years prior to death.”

“The loss of blood due to the ruptured aorta killed her within a few hours. The dilatation or aneurysm started (a) long time ago or maybe years, prior to her death. No alcohol or recreational drugs taken the night prior to her death will cause that kind of dilatation or defect on her aorta,” the report said.

Rape and drug overdose were also ruled out because they do not “result (in) the development of aneurysms.”

“Even overdose and ruptured aneurysm are two different conditions and cannot be both included as cause of death of a patient,” the report added.

It concluded that: “The manner of death is classified as natural death.”

Aside from these findings, the white powder substance found in the hotel, earlier suspected to be illegal drugs turned out to be just salt.

Hopes to move on

Following these reports, Clark Rapinan and Gregorio de Guzman, also the friends of the deceased and respondents to the case, asked Dacera’s mother, Sharon, to accept  the medico legal report’s findings and find peace with it.

In an interview with ANC, Rapinan said that this report is a proof that Dacera indeed died of natural cause.

“Nandoon na rin po ang medicolegal and all documents, nandoon na po e. Nagpapakita na po iyon iyong mga results sana maintindihan niya. Sana tanggapin niya, paniwalaan niya na iyong anak niya namatay sa natural cause,” Rapinan said.

Gregorio De Guzman, in the same interview, also hoped Sharon would find peace.

“I hope you find peace. And if you have, I hope you can help us find our peace and relief from this trauma and all these torture,” he said.

‘PNP to blame’

Filipinos online also echoed the same messages to the Dacera family. However, they renewed their ire toward the PNP, lamenting how their mistakes damaged both parties.

“The Police really saw a potential opportunity in the Dacera Case to brand themselves as heroes but instead revealed their inherent incompetence, thereby turning the case into a huge media circus,” one Twitter user said.

“But PNP forced her friends to come out of closet and show them to the media and blame them for their friend’s death? Imagine how much embarrassment and anxiety they felt while grieving for their friend,” another said.

“Imagine the damage that the nation had caused to all the persons involved. LEARN PEOPLE!!! Never quick to judge and always give people the benefit of a doubt,” another Twitter user wrote.

Some online users, meanwhile, sought cash donations for the respondents who were wrongly accused.

Others also stated that the public can now return to other still unresolved issues involving the police, the military and the government.

Last January 9, Dacera’s friends accused of raping and murdering the flight attendant, launched a Facebook page called Fund the Truth to seek for financial support for their legal battle.

Among the respondents include De Guzman, Rapinan, Rommel Galido, JP Dela Serna, and Valentine Rosales.

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The camp of the accused last January 15 released a copy of the five respondents’ drug test results which turned out to be negative. They submitted the results to the Makati City prosecutor’s office.