Memorial marker for hero dog Kabang to pay homage to ‘humility’ of aspins

May 27, 2021 - 3:16 PM
On the left: Photo of the plan for the memorial marker for Kabang On the right: A file photo of Kabang (Kabang the Hero Dog/Facebook)

The design for the memorial marker that will be built to honor Kabang, the hero female dog who recently passed away, was unveiled on Facebook last Tuesday.

Kabang was remembered for her heroic deed of saving two girls from a motorcycle crash in 2011, thus losing her snout after the incident.

A Facebook page dedicated to her called Kabang the Hero Dog shared photos of the architectural plans for this marker on Wednesday, May 26.

First of its kind in the country, the marker will be built in Zamboanga City, where the female dog hails. She is currently the city’s “Ambassadog” of Goodwill for Responsible Pet Ownership and a Global Advocate for Animal Welfare.


The marker was designed by a Zamboanga resident and young architect named Keith San Antonio.

The aluminum statue previously made by Davao-based artists Kublai Millan as tribute for her would also be showcased.

“The final architectural plans for the memorial marker to be built in honor of the hero dog, KABANG, that will also serve as her final resting place will feature a 400kg solid aluminum statue of the beloved canine made by the accomplished Davao-based public art artist, Kublai Millan,” it said.

Its overall design pays homage to the humility and stability of aspins or street dogs in the country, according to the post.

“The modern pedestal bearing the statue pays homage to the ‘humility’ of aspins in our country. The simplistic shape and form reflect their modest but elegant nature and at the same time, exhibits stability as they are the most common dog breed that Filipinos can rely on,” the page said.

“The split in the center displays contemporary elements of the vinta sail that evokes Zamboanga, where Kabang is from. It also represents the pride that the heroism of Kabang brought to the hearts of the Filipinos, especially the Zamboangueños,” it added.

The page furthered that this structure will be the first shrine in the Philippines built to honor local street dogs like Kabang.

“Overall, the memorial marker will be the first of its kind in the Philippines and yearns to be both inspirational and aspirational as it aims to increase awareness to the significance and status of Aspins in our country,” it said.

Kabang’s death was announced online by her longtime caretaker Dr. Anton Lim who took care of her after fur parent Rudy Bunggal died in 2015.

The hero canine died peacefully in her sleep on May 17, 2021.

Some Filipino artists also previously shared photos of creative comic strips and artworks to honor Kabang on social media.