Manila gov’t reverts to walk-in system after recorded no-shows in COVID-19 jab sites

June 21, 2021 - 7:12 PM
Photos of few people in vaccination sites in Manila (Manila City government/Facebook)

The local government of Manila once again allowed walk-in clients in its vaccination program following reported low vaccine turnouts on Monday, June 21.

This decision was announced at 4:30 pm.

Some Manila residents also previously shared this suggestion to accommodate more residents in the meantime.

Earlier, the Manila City government reported low vaccine turnouts in its four vaccination sites after it implemented a no walk-in policy.

“Low vaccination turnouts reported in four mall sites as of 11:00 am. Manila City began today its no-walk in policy,” it posted online.

The turnout in its four vaccination sites were:

  • Lucky Chinatown Mall — 170 vaccines administered out of 2,500 doses
  • Robinsons Place Manila — 195 vaccines administered out of 2,500 doses
  • SM City Manila — 233 vaccines administered out of 2,500 doses
  • SM San Lazaro — 313 vaccines administered out of 2,500 doses

Based on the no-walk-in policy, which the government announced on June 19, only residents who have received a text message through its Manila CoVax SMS will be entertained.

“The local government will vaccinate members of the A2 and A4 priority groups in four mall sites with 2,500 doses each,” it said.

“Likewise, members of the A1, A2, A3 and A5 priority groups will receive their COVID-19 vaccines in 18 community sites with 1,000 doses each,” it added.

It also attached publication materials to guide residents on which vaccination sites they can visit depending on their respective category.

The no walk-in policy came after some Manila residents called on the city government to implement a more efficient vaccination system for Filipinos after pictures of some locals lining up as early as dawn circulated online.

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The Manila LGU then heeded their call.

While this initiative was welcomed at first, the dismal number of people who arrived on Monday prompted other social media users to express some suggestions to improve their program.

Some users suggested allowing walk-ins at a limited time to cover for scheduled patients who will not show up.

“In the succeeding days, allow limited walk-ins after 3 p.m. to cover the no-shows. But put a note on your page that there is no guarantee they will be vaccinated. Only if there will be available vaccines left for that day. This way, di masasayang time and mga na text ay manghihinayang hindi pumunta,” one user said.

“But maybe allow walk-ins after a certain time to cater more people for vaccination. It’s just counterproductive to let the vaccines go to waste just because they didn’t get a text message,” another user said.

Some users, meanwhile, also suggested providing a longer window time in-between sending text messages of their schedules and the scheduled dates, citing not all workers can easily take day offs.

“Don’t schedule your vaccinations the next day. Schedule it a week in advance in order to give your constituents time to make schedule arrangements. Next-day schedules means people will need to make adjustments on the fly, and some of them won’t be able to do that,” one user said.

“Very short notice given via SMS (less than 24 hours), workers do not have time to make adjustments dahil may trabaho, others may have prior commitment; allow ample time and have alternate communication channel/medium/platform,” another user wrote.

As of writing, the Manila Public Information Office reported that around 7,347 persons have received COVID-19 vaccine shots since after Manila Mayor Isko Moreno’s directive to allow walk-in clients as of 6:30 p.m.

Prior to the reverted policy, only 4,402 were vaccinated against COVID-19.

After allowing walk-in, the city recorded 11,749 individuals who received their COVID-19 jabs.