Tricia Robredo staying in isolation facility amid reports of protocol-breaching traveler

December 31, 2021 - 11:45 AM
Photos of Tricia Robredo while at the quarantine facility (Instagram/Tricia Robredo)

Tricia Robredo, the vice president’s daughter, confirmed that she is currently in isolation after contracting the virus which causes COVID-19.

Robredo shared this amid reports of an infected traveler from the United States who allegedly breached quarantine protocols and transmitted the disease to others.

Several government agencies are currently looking into this case amid the rising COVID-19 cases in the country.

Robredo and her sisters Jillian and Aika also happened to have returned from the US at around the same period.

The young doctor then issued a statement through her social media accounts that all three of them are currently undergoing quarantine.

Robredo, however, was the only one in the family who so far tested positive for COVID-19.

“Setting the record straight – I tested positive for COVID and I’m currently still in isolation. I was transferred from the quarantine hotel to the isolation facility on Christmas Day,” she said.

“Mga kapatid ko lang na-expose sa akin kasi sabay kaming bumiyahe. They’re finishing home Q (quarantine),” she added.

Robredo later greeted in jest those who were spreading fake news about her a Happy New Year.

“I have no close in security and I haven’t been exposed to my mom since coming home. Happy new year lalo na sa mga nagkakalat ng fake news 🙂 to better hobbies in 2022!” she said. 

In a more detailed statement on Instagram, Robredo shared the three of them flew back to the Philippines on December 19.

She noted that all of them tested negative prior to their flight.

On December 24, however, Robredo received a positive COVID-19 test and had to isolate in a facility.


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Robredo shared that she was in her “healthiest” when she got the virus.

She advised the public to get vaccinated, including the booster shots.

“I’m vaccinated and boostered, and I was at my healthiest when this happened. I reported for ER duties during the two surges, and got out unscathed. Kaya nakakagulat na ngayon pa nangyari,” Robredo said.

“So be careful and get your shots when you can! Minalas ako but my sisters were spared. And if those were truly my COVID sx, they were pretty mild and they went away quickly. Vaccines work,” she added.

What’s going on?

Earlier this week, local Twitterverse was on a witch hunt for a returning Filipino traveler who supposedly partied with friends in Makati City despite being infected with COVID-19.

In an interview with “OnePH” on December 30, Tourism Secretary Bernadette Romulo-Puyat identified the woman as Gwyneth Ann Chua.

Chua admitted she did not finish the mandated quarantine period and left the hotel to attend a party on December 23, Puyat said in an interview.

Chua tested positive on December 27 and had boasted to her friends that she has “connections” that allowed her to cut quarantine.

Unfortunately, some of the friends she partied with also got sick with COVID-19.

“The girl was in fact…nagyayabanng siya kasi they were wondering na kasi kakadating lang niya bakit kasama nila, and then she told her friends na she had connections daw kaya she could cut quarantine,” she said.

The tourism secretary also identified the hotel as the Berjaya Hotel in Makati.

The DOT had already issued a show-cause order against the hotel’s management.