‘Check your privilege first’: Artist’s Facebook post on gas, hustle draws flak

June 28, 2022 - 3:23 PM
Jeepney drivers on June 25, 2020 check their engine at Tandang Sora Jeepney Terminal in Quezon City. (The STAR/Michael Varcas)

An artist earned backlash online over his post which was perceived to degrade jeepney drivers and other Filipino workers amid the fuel price hikes.

A Redditor posted on June 27 a screenshot of the artist’s post that reads:

“Wag mo na i-expect na bumaba yung gas. Itaas mo na lang ang hustle mo.”

In the screenshot, Ives Presko could be seen posing in front of a gas station while wearing a shirt with a text that reads: “Super presko.”

The Redditor, on the other hand, captioned his post with a face palm emoji: “Tell it to jeepney drivers.”

The Reddit post had since garnered 646 upvotes on the forum r/Philippines.

Ives Presko uploaded the post in question earlier on the same day on Facebook. It could still be accessed as of writing.

The post gained traction on Facebook, garnering 15,000 reactions, 1,900 comments and 7,200 shares.

One of the definitions of “hustle” or “hustling” according to Merriam Webster is: “to make strenuous efforts to obtain especially money or business.”

Hustle can also be a fraudulent or illegal activity as in “to sell something to or obtain something from (someone) by energetic and especially underhanded activity.”

Discussions on ‘hustling’

One Redditor saw Ives Presko’s post as another sensationalized or hyped-up take about the resilience of Filipinos.

“Eto yung mga tipo ng mayayaman na hindi naman talaga nakakaramdam ng inequality ng lipunan nila, eto rin yung mga mahihirap na ayaw tingnan ang buhay ng mga nasa paligid nila. Kaya nagpapaka-manhid na lang sila at sariling interes ang inaatupag, affirmation nila yang mga ganyang statements para maprotektahan ang fragility ng ilusyon nila,” the Redditor said.

Others called on the artist to check his privileges first before sharing his thoughts on “hustling.”

“Our poor jeepney drivers had been hustling before he wakes up and after he sleeps…check muna privilege bago magsabi ng ganyan,” one Redditor said.

“So sinasabi mo sa ibang tao na di na magpahinga? Sabi nga, following one’s dream or obsession is a f*cking privilege. Before you judge, check yourself first. You might be out of touch to your audience,” one Facebook user said.

One Facebook also pointed out that “hustling” or hardwork in the Philippines nowadays is no longer enough given the current economic climate.

“Hindi naman lahat nadadaan sa hustle. Kahit anong hustle at sipag mo kung sablay or kurakot ang mga namumuno sa bansa mo bawat kilos mo katumbas lang ng pang gasolina, pamasahe or pang araw araw mo,” the online user said.

Some Filipinos, meanwhile, shared screenshots of Ives Presko’s previous posts and livestreams where he seemed to be asking for funds via GCash.

A cursory check on Ives Presko showed that he previously asked his followers for money to be sent via his GCash number on his recent posts.

Ives Presko, however, has not yet responded to the negative feedback on his post on gas prices and hustle.

Several oil companies have announced their fuel prices will go up again starting today, June 28.

Caltex Philippines, Petron Corporation, Shell Pilipinas, and Seaoil increased their gas prices by P0.50 per liter, diesel by P1.65 per liter and kerosene by P0.10 per liter.