Samar local graduates from high school at 83

August 23, 2022 - 6:13 PM
Corcondia Relleta, 83, wears toga for her high school graduation under the Alternative Learning System (Gorgie Relleta/Facebook)

Concordia Relleta, from Calbayog City in Samar, never missed her granddaughter’s graduation. 

From elementary to senior high school graduation, Rellata was always with her granddaughter to receive her diploma on stage. 

On August 15, the 83-year-old marched on stage not to accompany her granddaughter but to receive her own high school diploma under the Alternative Learning System

Her granddaughter Gorgie Relleta expressed admiration for her grandmother’s latest feat on Facebook. 

“Ikaw ang pinaka the best na lola sa lahat…kahit di ko man naranasan na daluhan ng aking mga magulang sa pag tanggap ng parangal at diploma na aking na kamit ay nandiyan ka para samahan ako,” Gorgie wrote

When Gorgie asked her grandmother why she went to school, her grandmother said, so she could wear a toga before she dies.

Despite her age, Concordia still works as a street sweeper to sustain her medical needs.