Cainta offers free animal cremation services for residents

March 23, 2023 - 11:21 AM
Image by on Freepik

“Pet lover ang mayor natin ngayon.”

A mayor in the municipality of Rizal announced that the town’s crematorium for animals or pets who have passed on is free of charge.

Cainta Mayor Keith “Kit” Nieto on March 11 shared pictures of some of his constituents who have availed of the services so far.

“‘Yung animal crematorium natin para sa mga alagang hayop na nag-pass on na (deds), madami na ang gumagamit. Libre pa rin… eto ilan sa kanila..” he said on a Facebook post.

“‘Wag kayong malito, iba ‘yung ginagamit na’tin para sa tao..” Nieto added.

The mayor also said that the Cainta Animal Shelter will “rise in 6 [six] months.”

“Pet lover ang mayor natin ngayon.. bida ang mga pusa,” he added, with emojis of blue hearts and different cats.

Nieto’s post about the animal crematorium has earned around 3,000 likes and reactions, as well as over 200 shares so far.

The initiative also earned praises from some Facebook users.

“It’s been months, nakakaiyak pa din (heartbroken emoji) thank you, taxpayers and admin [administration], for this program. Bantay’s ash (our aspin who guarded us for five years) is with us,” a Pinoy wrote.

“Aspin” is a portmanteau of the Filipino words “aso” and “Pinoy” or “Asong Pinoy.” These refer to dogs that are entirely descended from dogs indigenous to the Philippines or those that are mixed-breed.

“Hi, Mayor Johnielle Keith Pasion Nieto, isa [po kami] nagpa- cremate ng alagang pusa. Salamat po at nagtayo kayo [ng] ganto, kahit papaano ay kasama pa rin namin ‘yung anak [kong] pusa na si Lomen,” another Facebook user commented.

“Thank you, Ninong Mayor Johnielle Keith Pasion Nieto. [At least] ‘di na mahihirapan maghanap ng vacant lot to bury their beloved pets ang mga furrents. Salute to Ninang Mayora for being a pet-loving person too. Pakapon na din po ninyo ang cat ninyo for a stress-free catdulhood,” wrote a different Pinoy.

An online service consultant for Nieto’s office commented that animal cremation service could be availed at the Cainta Public Cemetery.

Constituents only need to approach “Miss Pia” of the Office of the Mayor from Monday to Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., and bring a valid ID to prove that the pet owner is a Cainta resident.

An animal cremation is one of the most commonly used techniques used in the event that a pet has passed away, apart from the traditional burial.

Cremation allows the owners to receive the ashes of their beloved four-legged companion if they wish to keep the remains for personal keepsake.