‘Farmers basket’: Rescue buys launched for northern Luzon farmers hurt by ‘Egay’

July 26, 2023 - 5:52 PM
Composite photo of crops from Rural Rising Philippines and Session Groceries (ruralrisingph, sessiongroceriesph/Facebook)

Two organizations appealed for help to purchase and rescue the produce of farmers affected by Typhoon “Egay” (international name: Doksuri).

The state weather bureau on Wednesday said that Egay made its second landfall over Dalupiri Island in Cagayan. The typhoon also brought strong winds and rain to different parts of the country.

In a Facebook post on July 25, Rural Rising Philippines (RuRi), a social enterprise, offered a bundle of harvested crops called “Farmers Basket.” It comprises a variety of produce from farmers in Northern Luzon.

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RuRi said that the farmers were “hurting” due to the impact of “Egay.”

“ARAY KAY EGAY. We had no plans to offer a farmers’ basket this week. #TyphoonEgay necessitates it. Our farmers are hurting. Since yesterday, the loaded tricycles continue to arrive at our office in Aritao, it’s like an exodus, and we cannot keep on saying ‘Organic lang po binibili namin this week,’” the post reads.

“Since yesterday, our northern Luzon farmers have been calling for assistance. ’Sir, ma’am baka po pwede pa rescue?’” it added.

Some of the items in this basket are:

  • Wombok from Biruk
  • Lettuce from Atok
  • Calamansi from Aurora
  • Santol from Aritao
  • Beans
  • Citrus
  • Bananas

Each box of the Farmers’ Basket costs P399. RuRi said that it contained six kilos of “conventionally grown” produce.

RuRi also provided details on how to avail of the Farmers’ Basket in its post.

Session Groceries, an application that helps farmers in Baguio City, also called on the public to help purchase and rescue strawberries that are at risk of being damaged by the storm.

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“Ka-veggies, sobrang lakas ng ulan at hangin dito sa Benguet sigurado kami na pagkatapos ng bagyong Egay ay maraming masasalantang pananim,” the post reads.

In the post, the strawberries are now packed and ready to be delivered to consumers in Metro Manila, Rizal, and Cavite.

Here are the costs of the strawberries from Session Groceries:

  • Small Berries at P50 per pack
  • Small to medium berries at P99
  • Jumbo berries at P120

The delivery fee, meanwhile, is P99.

Interested buyers are required to fill out a form provided in the post.

In the latest weather bulletin, several provinces in Northern Luzon are placed under Storm Signals number 1 and 2.

Ilocos Norte was declared under a state of calamity following massive damage to property in the aftermath.

Egay is now on track toward Taiwan and China. It is labeled as a “super typhoon” by China’s Meteorological Administration.

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