‘Permission is important’: Lola Amour says their songs used in BSKE without permission

October 20, 2023 - 1:23 PM
A picture of indie band Lola Amour onstage (lolaamourmusic/Facebook)

Lola Amour, the band behind the viral “Raining in Manila” song, advised that they have not allowed for their music to be used as campaign jingles.

The band said this after they received reports about candidates in Barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan Elections (BSKE) using their songs in their political campaigns.

“Hiii we’ve been receiving videos of some candidates using our songs as their campaign jingles. Just want to clarify that we have NOT agreed to any of those and we are not supporting any candidate for the upcoming Baranggay and SK elections,” Lola Amour said.

The group also raised the etiquette of getting artist’s permission for the usage of their work.

“Some people have argued ‘buti ginamit at least alam niyo kilala nila songs niyo.’ This isn’t the issue and neither is money. Permission is important because as artists, we at least want to know the platforms of the candidates using our songs,” Lola Amour said.

In the comments section, a Facebook user said that songs of other artists are also used in campaign jingles because of their popularity.

“Ibig sabihin nun na ur song is Marketable talaga at may commercial appeal. Kung ano po kasi USO/Trending na song usually yun ang ginagamit nila for campaign jingle,” the user’s comment reads.

Lola Amour replied to this. The group emphasized that artists still have the right to know who is using their art and what the candidate stands for.

“Any artist would agree that it’s not really about the money but the candidates’ platforms and stands on relevant issues. We wouldn’t want our songs to be used if we do not know what they stand for,” the seven-piece act said.

Some Filipinos also suggested that Lola Amour demand royalties, citing their copyright for the song.

“I think the use is illegal? IIRC from IP law. Shouldn’t the band be getting royalties at least for the use of their songs?” an X user said, referencing laws on intellectual property rights.

“ASK FOR YOUR ROYALTIES, LOLA AMOUR. That’s stealing,” another X user said.

The BSKE campaign season has officially started on Friday, October 19. It will end on October 28 or the day before the eve of the Election Day.

Lola Amour, meanwhile, rose to internet fame recently for their chart-topping “Raining in Manila.” It was released in June.

Filipinos quickly resonated with the lyrics of the song during the rainy season. They used it as audio for TikTok videos showing flood situations in different areas amid a heavy downpour.

Royalties under the law

Under the Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines (RA 8293), all artists have the right to receive royalties for their work when used for other purposes.

The Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines said on its website:

Sa mundo ng intellectual property, royalties ang tinatawag sa binabayad sa mga artist para sa paggamit ng kanilang copyrighted works. Iba ito sa tinatanggap nating buwanang sahod bilang empleyado. Iba rin ito sa tinatawag na ‘remuneration’ na tatalakayin natin sa susunod sa usapang karapatan ng performers, broadcasters at recorders.

Artists can report to the office or file a case against those who are not willing to pay royalties for their songs, computer programs, advertisements, and other pieces.