Max’s Restaurant inspires one of the best merch at California-based convention

December 13, 2023 - 9:50 AM
Max's Restaurant_ComplexCon
(Photo from Max's Restaurant/Released)

Filipino brand Max’s Restaurant inspired one of the best merchandise featured in a California-based fashion and pop culture festival last month.

The 78-year-old multinational restaurant chain gained attention at this year’s ComplexCon in Long Beach, California held last November 18-19.

ComplexCon is an annual convention organized by Complex Networks, a youth culture media company.

It is an expertly curated festival that brings together the world’s most influential brands and artists for an immersive weekend of style, sneakers, art, design, food, music, inspiration and more.

For this year, a Filipino-American streetwear designer used Max’s Restaurant as his inspiration in designing his shirts and jackets that were featured at the convention.

Lennard Macaranas, also known as “Unkie Leroy” on Instagram with the handle @butterypat, featured the Pinoy resto’s various logos and iconography in his merch throughout its 78-year history.

(Photo from Max’s Restaurant/Released)
(Photo from Max’s Restaurant/Released)
(Photo from Max’s Restaurant/Released)

He featured the brand’s imagery, including rooster and hen artworks used in Max’s vintage postcards, in his shirts.

Chickie Boy, the resto’s iconic mascot, was also included in the design.

For the jacket, Macaranas used a red and white checkered pattern with different Max’s logos throughout its history.


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A post shared by Unkie Leroy (@butterypat)


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The designs received praise from the Complex community and were featured on the convention’s official social media account.

The merch was exclusively sold during the convention at the First We Feast‘s Lagoon, which featured food merchants and other restaurant merch collaborations. Some sizes immediately sold out.

First We Feast is the company handling the food merchants.

It also asked the brand to join as concessionaire and was the only Filipino restaurant chosen for the convention.

Max’s served a special menu of Pinoy favorites, ranging from its famous Filipino Fried Chicken to Lechon Sisig with Adobo Fried Rice.

Mango Jelly was served for their dessert, which got sold out during the two-day event.

The convention became a great opportunity to share Filipino culture and cuisine with the world and the Complex community through a proudly Pinoy restaurant brand that has been part of Filipino tradition since 1945.