‘Avoid sacramental transaction’: Catholic page warns public vs man posing as priest

April 3, 2024 - 2:44 PM
Paolo Cobangbang
Paolo Cobangbang in this photo posted by the Facebook page "100% KATOLIKONG PINOY" on April 1, 2024 (katolikongpinoy/Facebook)

(Updated 5:36 p.m.)  A Facebook page for Filipino Catholics warned that a certain Paolo Miguel Cobangbang is not an ordained priest.

The post came after the student council of Far Eastern University-Makati allegedly posted about him holding a mass for students before the university’s Sports Fest 2024.

Twitter “Banlaw Spaces” host-speaker Paulo (@pauloMDtweets) on Monday claimed that the FEU Makati Student Council posted about “Fr. Paolo Cobangbang” holding a eucharistic celebration on April 1.

Paulo included pictures from the supposed post of the student council which featured Cobangbang in liturgical vestments.

“Dear FEU Makati, bakit naman po ganito? This is Blasphemy. Your faculty is disrespecting the Catholic Priest’s clothing. Hindi naman pala siyang totoong pari and parang nakakabastos sa Catholic Church. Kath it was posted for April’s Fool, sana nilugar ‘yung prank. Sadt,” he wrote.

In the replies thread, Paulo claimed a Holy Communion was also held, based on the pictures he allegedly saw.

“I was looking sa photos, parang may misa talaga, may communion pa nga,” he commented to an X user.

An X user also claimed that Cobangbang used to “cosplay” as a priest.

“Pa-vestment vestment tapos ngayon, level up, may pa-misa na,” the user alleged.

Paulo’s post has gained 1.3 million views, 4,400 likes and over 700 reposts so far.

A Facebook user also warned the public about Cobangbang and claimed that the FEU Makati Student Council had already deleted its post about the priest.

The alleged post caught the attention of the Facebook page “100% KATOLIKONG PINOY!” which similarly warned the public about Cobangbang.

“We would like to inform our Kapiling followers that a certain PAOLO MIGUEL R. COBANGBANG is not an ordained Roman Catholic priest,” the page said.

“Roman Catholics of good standing and in full communion with the Pope, His Holiness Pope Francis, are advised to avoid and refrain from establishing any priestly or sacramental transaction with the above person,” it added.

The page did not mention the alleged incident in FEU Makati, but it was posted on the same day Paulo raised awareness about the supposed event.

In 2010, a fake priest was excommunicated after serving a Catholic diocese in Metro Manila for more than a year.

The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines identified him as Xavier Eubra de Borja, who is now “banned from participating in Mass, Communion or other religious ceremonies even as a participant” following the excommunication.