‘Adult na tayo’: Travel vlogger tells Loisa Andalio after remark on solo travelers

May 20, 2024 - 1:09 PM
Loisa Andalio
Actress Loisa Andalio in this photo on her Instagram on April 8, 2024 (iamandalioloisa/Instagram)

A full-time travel vlogger disagreed with actress Loisa Andalio‘s remarks about solo travelers.

Vlogger Francis Candia, who goes by Francis Candiyey online, reacted to a quote card featuring comments from the actress who said she cannot understand those who travel on their own.

“Siyempre mas naa-appreciate natin ‘yung napupuntahan natin ‘pag mahal natin ‘yung kasama natin,” Loisa said to the Philippine Entertainment Portal before, referring to her longtime boyfriend actor Ronnie Alonte.

The actress was sharing her thoughts on social media posts about people who travel solo.

“Gumaganda rin ‘yung view dahil sa kasama natin,” she added.

“Minsan kasi, ang ano lang, hindi ko maintindihan ‘yung mga tao na nagso-solo travel — parang ang lungkot,” Loisa shared.

“Kasi, sino ‘yung kabatuhan mo na ‘ang ganda ng view’?” she asked.

“Grabe ‘yung pinagdadaanan talaga siguro nila para gusto nilang magiging solo na lang,” the actress said.

Loisa’s comment about not grasping people who like to travel solo was reported with a quote card by a showbiz outlet, which caught the attention of Francis, a world traveler.

“Kaya ka beh na-deny sa US visa dati kasi ‘di mo kayang maging independent,” he said on a Facebook post on May 19.

Francis was referring to the actress’s United States visa application which got denied before.

“Kahit afford mo, dapat kaya mo pa rin kasi maraming loko-loko saka, adult na tayo, beh,” the vlogger said, referring to the concept of solo travel.

“‘Di lahat ng mag-isa, malungkot, at ‘di lahat ng may kasama, masaya!” Francis concluded.

The travel vlogger’s post earned 1,400 likes and several comments from other Facebook users.

“Isipin mo, beh, ‘pag mag-isa ka, wala kang hihintayin, wala kang maabala, walang aabala sa’yo,” Francis said in the comments section.

“As much as I like travelling with friends and family… I would like to travel alone too, especially sa nature. Parang maka-pag focus ka lang, tignan ‘yung tanawin at mag-relax na walang chikahan,” an online user wrote, agreeing with the vlogger.

“I agree. Sarap kaya mag-travel solo, you will learn more about yourself and it was so good to get out of your comfort zone, being [an] independent and solo traveler,” another Facebook user commented.

“Ganda kaya mag-travel ng solo… wala kang iisipin na kasama. Wala kang alalahanin, wala kang maabala, walang aabala sa’yo, at magagawa mo lahat ng gusto mo. Kasi ang iniisip mo ay sarili mo lang,” a different online user said.

Others were more understanding of those who cannot travel without companions.

“Kanya-kanya ‘yan ng trip at choices. Not because nagawa mo ‘yan, kaya na niya because adult na siya. Not all adults can do what you are doing. May mga adults nga na [‘di] makasakay ng eroplano dahil sa fear at need pa mag-enrol sa mga course ng airline para sa fear of flying,” a Facebook user wrote.

“Some people have anxiety when they are alone in the crowd, lalo na ‘pag [‘di] nila kilala. Some [want] to travel alone if they want healing… some [want] to travel with friends,” the online user added.

Others argued why Loisa’s US visa application denial could be connected to her thoughts on solo travel.

“Ano po connect ng pagka-deny ng US visa sa patungkol niya sa solo traveller?” a Facebook user asked Francis.

Solo travel has become more popular in recent years. The concept involves going on trips without companions and exploring places by oneself.

Other solo travelers also go on group tours where they meet like-minded people.

Last year, a chief executive officer of a tour operator said that 2024 would be the “year of the solo traveler,” based on data from their survey.

“The solo trend started more than a decade ago and has continued to gain steam. Back in 2017, 27% of our travelers were solos. In 2019, it was 39%, and 47% in 2021. Today, it’s 50%,”  Overseas Adventure Travel CEO Brian FitzGerald said to Forbes in 2023.

“Post-pandemic, many travelers didn’t want to waste any time. They decided if no one wanted to travel with them, they’d go alone. That’s continuing to have a big impact,” he added.