Filipinos inject ‘kanal’ humor into Charli XCX’s new album ‘BRAT’ trend

June 13, 2024 - 2:57 PM
Charlie XCX and "Brat" album cover. (Charlie XCX/Facebook)

Singer-songwriter’s Charli XCX’s newest album “BRAT” has inspired a wave of memes—a testament to how iconic of a pop star she is no matter the era.

Filipinos, on the other hand, proved by riding the “BRAT” trend that they could inject “kanal” humor (low-end humor) into almost anything no matter the genre.

Charli’s June 7th release was a success in multiple metrics: in reviews, streams, and publicity.

The album’s cover that features a plain lime green background and a low-resolution sans serif typography instantly became a meme template.

A Pinoy X (formerly Twitter) user made a “BRAT” reaction photo for moments when friends need support and a bit of caution.

Meanwhile, another entry alludes to the pain of knowing an unbearable truth about a love interest.

Days later, Charli released a deluxe version of “BRAT”, wherein she also abandoned all intricacies of a music release.

The album cover features a white background and the same low-resolution typography, and is called “Brat and it’s the same but there’s three more songs so it’s not”.

Filipinos then made “deluxe” versions of the meme.

Another entry, which best displays pop excellence, features song lyrics from BINI’s “Salamin, Salamin”.

“BRAT” delves into the themes of club culture, womanhood, and everything It-Girl. 

It is the singer-songwriter’s sixth album at the age of 31.