Rundown: New CPR songs, according to medical personalities on TikTok

July 3, 2024 - 7:37 PM
Photo shows a screenshot of Nurse John doing CPR on TikTok, Sabrina Carpenter. (Nurse John/TikTok; Sabrina Carpenter/Instagram).

Sabrina Carpenter and Chappell Roan are not only hitmakers, they also lifesavers! Medical experts shared that their popular songs on TikTok could be used when administering CPR(cardiopulmonary resuscitation). 

Before testing these songs out, it is important to understand that this action must only be done under certain conditions.

According to ProCPR, a person can be resuscitated if they are not breathing, they gasp for breath or their heart is not beating or they are unresponsive.

It added that these symptoms are often observed after a patient is caught in accidents such as electrocution, drowning, vehicular incidents, cardiac arrest or collapse.

Non-medical professionals may still perform CPR, however Mayo Clinic noted that uninterrupted chest compressions must be done at 100 to 120 beats per minute (BPM) until the medical assistance arrives.

‘Please Please Please’

Counting the beats for chest compressions may be challenging for civilians. However, nurse John Dela Cruz and other TikTok users tested out popular songs that are within the required BPM.

The Filipino overseas nurse posted a point of view (POV) clip of himself performing CPR to “Please Please Please” by Sabrina, which has a BPM of 107.

“I have a fun idea, babe. Maybe just stay alive,” Dela Cruz mouthed in his TikTok video.

The video eventually made its way to the singer, prompting the singer to repost the TikTok.

@nurse.johnn♬ Please Please Please – Sabrina Carpenter

“Please please please stay alive,” an online person commented on the video.

‘Good Luck, Babe!’

Rising artist Chappell also has a hit new song that’s optimal for CPR.

A Filipina nurse tried doing chest compressions while following the 120 beat of “Good Luck, Babe!”.

@yourpetitenurse obsessed with this song haha 😂 sorry stitch 🫣 #nurse #nursesoftiktok #nursejohnn #nurselife #pinay #fyp #healthcare #healthcareworker #healthcarehumor #sabrinacarpenter #stitch ♬ Good Luck Babe – relatetomusic


Other well-known superstars like Beyonce also have some songs that can be used as a life-saving guide.

The Goose Creek Police Department in the United States shared how possible it is to use “TEXAS HOLD ‘EM” to conduct a 110 BPM chest compression.

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‘You’re Losing Me’

Taylor Swift‘s sad ballad “You’re Losing Me” may have an ironic title, but it can help prevent the loss of a person’s life when used as a guide for CPR.

A Filipino nurse was able to incorporate his favorite artist’s song onto a hand resuscitation.

He confirmed that “You’re Losing Me” has around 103 BPM.

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