At least 2 more MMDA posts go to ex-military men

May 29, 2017 - 11:50 PM
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MANILA – After the appointment of retired Brig. Gen. Danilo Lim to head the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA), two more positions in the agency are to be filled up by retired officers of general rank.

Retired Brig. Gen. Roberto Almadin will be the officer in charge (OIC) for office of the assistant general manager for operations and, Joe Campo as OIC for office of the assistant general manager for planning.

When asked why the two generals were chosen he answered: What is wrong with that?

“Ang mga taong ito ay may mga record na magaganda, hindi matatawaran ang kanilang serbisyo, pound for pound, they can compete with all the others at saka kilala ko itong mga ito. Ang programa natin, katulad ng utos ng president, address the issue of corruption, traffic (These men have good track records of service. I know them. Our program is in accord with the President’s orders),” Lim underscored.

He said that he wanted to instill a culture of discipline, not just on the road but throughout the gamut of services to the public rendered by MMDA, and he felt that both Almadin and Campo are the best fit for the job. Almadin is a former customs official based in Cebu.

Lim reiterated that he will “go back to basics” in addressing the traffic problem.

A retired brigadier general of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, Lim pledged to eradicate corruption in the agency by instilling and implementing strict discipline among its employees.

“At this time, I will not be introducing any fancy traffic scheme. By going back to basics I meant strict adherence to our existing laws, practicing a culture of discipline, road courtesy, and correcting the habits of the people.”