WATCH | DTI unveils draft design of modern jeepney

June 27, 2017 - 9:40 PM
DTI draft modern jeepney design
Draft design of the modern jeepney, as conceived by the Department of Trade and Industry.

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) on Tuesday revealed the draft design of a modern jeepney that is conceived to be compliant with national industry standards.

This is because, DTI officials said, the traditional jeepney plying the streets all over the archipelago are not inherently unsafe, outdated and largely contribute to air pollution due to the use of old diesel engines.

The DTI design intended for the Jeepney Modernization Program has wide seats and are equipped with safety seatbelts. The entry and exit is at the side of the vehicle.

According to studies by a technical working group of the DTI’s Bureau of Standards, the design can accommodate up to 22 passengers instead of the typical 15- or 17-seater traditional jeepneys.

All seats are front-facing, and there is sufficient headroom for the passengers.

The vehicle is also air-conditioned.

DTI Assistant Secretary Ernesto Perez, who heads the Bureau of Product Standards office, said: “To be honest about it, the current jeepney design cannot pass the safety requirements of the United Nations.”

This proposed design, though not deemed finalized yet, is estimated to come out costing about PhP1 million per unit.

Obet Martin, president of the jeepney drivers and operators organization, PASANG MASDA, also presented a design from their ranks, equipped with closed circuit television monitoring, Global Positioning System as well as wifi Internet connectivity, and a fare system that uses tap cards.

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