Privacy commish concludes: No violation of data protection policies during BPI ‘glitch’

June 28, 2017 - 2:16 PM
InterAksyon file photo of a BPI branch.

MANILA – The National Privacy Commission will not be faulting the Bank of the Philippine Islands over a system glitch that disrupted banking services for several days earlier this month.

NPC commissioner Raymund Liboro said they were satisfied with how the bank responded to the issue, but recommendations would still be made regarding the strengthening of BPI’s data protection policies.

“We have a compliance check on them. Our checklist is very simple, not a ‘pass or fail’ thing. Not an audit but basically we check their compliance and we study in what aspects we can help them,” said Liboro.

He said they were “generally generally satisfied” with the measures taken by the bank even as they are closely watching how well it is responding to challenges to improve its systems.

Earlier, bank officials explained in separate inquiries by the Senate and the House of Representatives that the bank’s system was not hacked, as feared in some quarters, and that the glitch was caused by an honest mistake by a system programmer.