BPI advises users to activate Mobile Key feature on new mobile app

October 24, 2023 - 5:14 PM
BPI app
Graphic taken from a Facebook post of BPI uploaded on Sept. 15, 2023 (bpi/Facebook)

A universal bank advised its clients about activating their Mobile Key as it rolls out its new mobile application this year.

The Bank of the Philippine Islands or BPI said that users of their mobile applications must “make sure” their “Mobile Key” option is always turned on in their app settings to authorize transactions.

“Re-activate your Mobile Key,” it said in a social media post on Tuesday, October 24.

“Double-check your Settings if your Mobile Key is still turned on after the latest app update,” the bank added.

Last March, BPI introduced its new mobile application for smartphones which it said is “easier” to navigate, allows for “fewer taps” to get transactions done and offers tips to guide users.

In another announcement, the Ayala-led bank said its new app allows clients “more control over their accounts’ security” and “personalized insights powered by artificial intelligence to help them manage their finances.”

It added that the new app allows users who are new to the BPI to open an account “in just a few minutes and with only one ID.”

The Mobile Key 

The BPI “Mobile Key” is a verification process in the app where the client verifies their bank transaction via biometrics (fingerprint, Face ID) or through a nominated PIN code.

It said that it is a more secure and convenient alternative to the OTP (One-Time Pin) to authenticate online banking transactions.

Users with an activated “Mobile Key” no longer need to wait for an OTP through a text message to finish a transaction.

When it first introduced its new app, BPI said that clients “need to transact on the version of the app where you have your Mobile Key.”

It added that this can only be activated in one device, also referred to as the “Primary Device.”

“For your security, Mobile Key works within the new BPI app or within the older BPI Mobile app but not between the two versions,” the bank said before.

Using the new app entails clients to reactivate their Mobile Key.

The BPI said this can be done in the following steps:

  1. Log in to the new BPI app
  2. Go to “More” and select “General Settings”
  3. Under Security, tap the toggle button of “Mobile Key”
  4. Nominate a 6-digit PIN code.
  5. Activate your Mobile Key with an OTP (One-Time-PIN).
  6. Enable biometrics to authenticate your transactions via fingerprint or Face ID.

It also shared a video tutorial for reference, as well as a social media post.

For a seamless move to its new app, the bank said users needed to have the latest version of the new BPI app installed and have enough cellphone load to send one text message.

BPI also said that the Mobile Key feature must be turned on in the new app. Transactions must additionally be done on the device that has the Mobile Key feature turned on.