WATCH | 37 missing in Davao City mall fire raging for more than 20 hours


(UPDATED 7:56 a.m. Dec. 24) The video clip above is from user-generated content made available by Davao-based netizen Ryan D. Ang.

At least 37 people, mostly employees of a call center on the fourth floor, remained missing and are feared to have perished in a fire that hit the NCCC Mall in Davao City Saturday morning, with the blaze still raging more than 20 hours after it started.

As of 4 a.m. Sunday, the ground commander of the Bureau of Fire Protection announced that their chances of survival is zero.

The List of Missing Persons in the NCCC fire, updated by the BFP, was posted on the Facebook page of Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte. They are:

1. Jessica Solis
2. Gantioco Celestial Jr
3. Ian Kiem Adlawan
4. Regine Generales
5. Christen Joy Garzon
6. Apple Jane Celades
7. Iana Apalacio
8. Jonas Basalan
9. Jim Benedict Quimsing
10. Kurtchin Angela Bangoy
11. Mary Joy Daluro
12. Randy Balcao
13. Rosyl Montanez
14. Missy Rose Artiaga
15. Analiza Penarejo
16. Christine Joy Ferraren
17. Ivan Roble
18. Christine Alviola
19. Alexandra Moreno Castillo
20. Hongijangjian- family not interviewed
21. Desiree Gayle Zacarias
22. Jesseca Samontina
23. Mary Louielyn Bongcayao
24. Nancy Loyd Abad
25. Jeffrey Sismar
26. Johani Matundo
27. Joyne Pabelonia
28. Elyn Joy Yorsua
29. Shiela Mae Bacaling
30. Mark Entera – family not interviewed
31. Charlyn Liwaya
32. Mikko Demafeliz
33. Roderick Antipuesto
34. Rhenzi Nova Muyco
35. Roderick Constantinopla
36. Venus Joy Kimpo
37. Janine Joy Obo

Photographed by Mike Pasco, News5

The fire was reported at past 9:00 a.m. and quickly spread inside the mall from where it started reportedly at the second or third floor of the department store section, initial reports indicated. By 6 p.m., it was thought to be brought under control by people at the scene, but it turned out the blaze was still live and raging.

Photograph from News5 reporter GEM AVANCENA.

The origin of the fire remains undetermined as of posting time.

Anxious relatives have been waiting for updates on the status or condition of at least 28 employees of a call center situated within the premises at the fourth floor of NCCC Mall.

The fire’s quick spread has rendered it difficult for fire fighters and rescuers from entering.

Special Assistant To The President Bong Go was on the scene shortly after the fire was reported, monitoring developments.