WATCH | Taxi driver to be tested if still fit to drive professionally after suffering abuse in road rage incident


Virgilio Doctor, the taxi driver who was at the receiving end of the December 17 road rage incident inflicted by a female aggressor, and has previously experienced a stroke, will be examined to see if he remains fit to drive professionally.

For her part, the respondent aggressor in the complaint, Cherish Sharmaine Interior, refuted reports that she slapped Doctor, and claimed that she merely pointed at his face during their traffic altercation along Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City.

Interior declined to attend a hearing at the Land Transportation Office, claiming the she was in fear for her safety due to threats against her life in the wake of the incident.

Doctor said he would be able to find it in himself to forgive Interior for her abusive behavior, which had been recorded in video clips that had gone viral.

Still picture derived from road rage video clip shows the moment the female aggressor shoved her hand inside the taxi cab.

But, Doctor added, he would not desist from the complaint that he is filing because his dignity as a taxi driver was at stake, and that is not going to be negotiable.