Stephen Curry’s killer accuracy on full display in viral video

June 20, 2018 - 1:56 PM

Stephen Curry is at the top of his game. And the world knows.

Just a few years ago, ‘The Baby-faced Assassin’ was the lone bright spot in a stumbling Golden State Warriors squad that struggled to make the playoffs.

A few weeks ago, that same squad won its third NBA trophy in four years.

The Warriors’ meteoric rise from cellar dweller to apex predator can be credited to Curry’s lethal weaponization of the three-point shot. A trending video shows just how shooting from deep has become as routine as brushing teeth for Curry.

‘Baby-faced assassin’

Weeks after helping the Warriors sweep Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers en route to their third championship since 2015, a compilation of Curry making unbelievable shots has hit the no.1 trending spot on Youtube.

The video with almost 2.5 million views shows Curry sinking long-range baskets from just about anywhere on the court during pregame warm-ups and practice sessions with the Warriors.

His display of firepower includes full-court shots, half-court shots, a three-pointer while sitting on the bench, and a three-pointer lobbed with a soccer kick.

One portion shows him knocking down seven-straight triples during an exhibition event for Under Armour.

To celebrate his 30th birthday last March, the NBA compiled a ten-minute video recounting the 30 best plays of his career.

One fan has also recently shared video highlights of Curry’s 54-point performance against the New York Knicks back in 2013, which saw him drain 11 three-point shots.

2013 is considered the year Curry broke out as a star.

Curry during the finals averaged 27.5 points, 6 rebounds, 6.8 assists, and 1.5 steals per game. A lackluster 11-point performance in Game 3 of the series robbed him of what could have been his first Finals Most Valuable Player plum.

A fan-favorite worldwide, Curry has snagged a bulk of all the three-point records in the league.

According to the Wikipedia page dedicated solely to the list of records and achievements he has racked up in less than ten years in the league, he holds at least 46 regular season shooting records, and 26 more set in the playoffs.

The analysts of basketball blog Bball breakdown in 2016 observed Curry’s role in revolutionizing offense in the NBA.

The team’s research revealed how the success of Curry and his teammate Klay Thompson in the sharpshooting tandem known as ‘The Splash Brothers’ spurred teams around the league to attempt more three-point shots in recent years.

Several basketball blogs have tried to analyze how the nimble point guard managed to perfect his shooting. Basketball blog Shot Mechanics tried to emulate Curry’s shooting form in one video essay in 2016.