Fans nostalgic as Meteor Garden makes return

July 6, 2018 - 10:24 AM
The cast of the Meteor Garden remake at a press conference in Shanghai. (ABS-CBN release)

The remade theme song of popular TV series “Meteor Garden” has hit Filipino social media. With just around a week to go before the much-awaited remake airs, fans of the original series are making their nostalgia known.

The return

ABS-CBN recently released the remade version of one of the theme songs of the popular Taiwanese drama that sent Filipinos into a frenzy almost fifteen years ago.

Fans of the original have sounded off as the appointed hour draws near.

The widely popular Taiwanese adaptation that aired in the Philippines in 2003 is largely credited for the popularity of Asian pop groups and drama series in the country.

YouTube uploads of the iconic opening song, which was also adapted by a Filipino singer, to this day are still filled with nostalgic Filipino fans.

The adaptation featured members of Asian pop group F4, who shares the name of the band of preppy delinquents at the heart of the story they play. Actress Barbie Shu played Shan Cai, the scholar whose fate becomes inexplicably intertwined with the F4.

All this craze can be traced to a hit manga series that was first published in Japan in 1992. Its first adaptation was a live-action movie that premiered in 1995.

Hana Yori Dango or “Boys Over Flowers” was then given an anime adaptation in 1996. It has since then bounced around airwaves in East Asia.

The hit “Meteor Garden” in 2001, which was followed by a sequel a year later.

“Boys over Flowers” made its way back to Japanese shores with a TV series in 2005. This was followed up with a sequel and a full-length film finale.

In 2009, South Korea took a crack at the story with “Boys Over Flowers.” The version is known for launching the career of now massively popular Lee Min-ho.

China now takes the baton almost decade later.