Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez love saga: No happily ever after for ‘Jelena’

July 13, 2018 - 2:52 PM
Justin Bieber. (Reuters)

The Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez love saga is over and it did not end in their happily ever after.

Months after breaking up with Gomez, Bieber announced his engagement to Hailey Baldwin in an Instagram post.

The ‘Jelena’ love story timeline

Filipino fans of the love team gave heart-wrenching reactions after the announcement.

2009: First meet-up

Both Justin and Selena’s managers had set a meet-up for the two, which brought them together to talk about possible projects together.

Selena described Justin as ‘little brother,’ until dating rumors began circulating.

2011: Selena confirms dating Justin

‘Jelena’ finally confirmed their rumored relationship on The Ellen Show. The stars were always seen together in every award show and red carpet. Justin also rented the Staples Center in Los Angeles for a private screening date with Selena.

2012: ‘Jelena’ split up 

The stars broke up due to their ‘busy schedule.’

Months before the split, both parties denied engagement rumors, saying that they were ‘too young’ for marriage.

2013: Justin misses Selena?

Selena denies reunion with Justin after posting several pictures with her. Selena told media sources that she is single.

2014: On-and-off relationship

Justin was arrested for drunk driving with another girl while Selena that time revealed she was spending time at a rehabilitation facility soon after the two welcomed 2014 together.

After several secret meet ups, Justin and Selena confirmed that they were back on. However, the affair didn’t last long as Justin was spotted with Kendall Jenner.

The singer would once again try to win back Selena by posting romantic posts and serenading her on Instagram.

Selena released three songs that expressed the relationship between her and Justin. By the end of the year, Justin posted a picture with Hailey Baldwin calling her a ‘good friend.’

2015: Justin wins Selena back?

The couple’s duet was leaked before the launching of both their albums. Justin admitted that the album was Selena-inspired, specifying three songs are about her. Days later, Justin was caught serenading Selena, both slow-dancing together and walking down the streets in Los Angeles.

2016: Selena burns Justin for cheating multiple times

Fans were upset with Justin posting a picture with Sofia Richie. Selena scorched Justin by defending her fans and accused Justin of cheating. According to Selena, Justin had lashed out on her despite her having been a supportive lover to him.

2017: Hanging out again

The ex-lovers are caught cuddling, going to church together by the paparazzi. Selena was invited to join the wedding of Justin’s father.

2018: The End.

Both ask for space and finally decide to split for good.

A month after the split, Justin seemed like he had moved on with Hailey Baldwin. Supporters claim that the engagement marks end of ‘Jelena.’

One post on Facebook went viral as it showed the on-off nature that characterized their relationship.

Supporters insist that the spark of love between Selena and Justin remains.

They also say that the love team was the definition of a teenage dream and that their story will linger on as a ‘real love that was not meant to last.’ — Story by Jasmine Salanga