Rizal’s Avilon Zoo is asking for help to find stolen endangered animals

August 14, 2018 - 6:31 PM
Stock photos of a black palm cockatoo, capuchin monkey and tortoise—animals that were stolen from the Avilon Zoo.

A wildlife sanctuary in Rizal appealed to the public to help find nine endangered animals that were allegedly stolen.

Avilon Zoo, considered to be the largest zoological park in the country, shared on Facebook that the following rare animals had been stolen from them:

  • Three mature red-footed tortoise
  • Three mature black palm cockatoos
  • One mature yellow-footed tortoise
  • One mature common snapping turtle
  • One juvenile brown-tufted capuchin monkey

“All are endangered animals which are part of Avilon Zoo Wild care Conservation Program. Please help Avilon Zoo find these animals,” the management said.

Some people responded that the supposed theft of such creatures was an inside job.

As of writing, no other details were given yet as to how the animals got stolen and if there was footage of the incident.

Republic Act 9147 or the Wildlife Resources Conservation and Protection Act prohibits the illegal possession of threatened or exotic species.

In Section 28, exploiting these creatures for trade corresponds to “imprisonment of two years and one day to four years and a fine of P5,000.00 to three hundred thousand pesos P300,000.00.”