OPENWORLD 2017 | Companies are losing the cyber war — Larry Ellison


On stage: Larry Ellison, Oracle executive chairman and chief technology officer giving hi second keynote at the annual Oracle OpenWorld in Moscone Center, San Francisco on Tuesday, October 2, 2017.
SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA — In his second keynote at OpenWorld 2017, Larry Ellison, Oracle executive chairman and chief technology officer, declared something no one at the annual event would like to hear: “Companies are losing the cyber war. And it gets worse every year.”

With recent reports haunting the likes of Equifax, and yet again, what seems to be the never-ending breaches at Yahoo, and the reality of state-sponsored hacking, Ellison simply amplified what now has become a continuing battle on the internet in terms of cyber security.

“Companies have to defend themselves against nation-states who are stealing their data, and very sophisticated cyber criminals who are stealing their data,” Ellison said.

On Tuesday, Ellison demonstrated onstage a new cyber security machine learning capabilities that the chief executive said would transform IT security and management.

This new machine learning powered security capabilities now form an integral part of enhancements to Oracle Management Cloud, a complete and integrated solution for IT security and management that the software company said enables organizations to monitor and analyze their operational and security data in a single solution.

“Existing approaches to security and management are no longer sufficient, which is why the headlines are now full of security breaches and performance outages,” said Ellison. “Our vision for security and management is very simple. We need all of the data in one place. We need purpose-built machine learning that can be used by security and operations professionals, not data scientists. We need automated remediation that does not require human effort. And that’s what we’ve built with Oracle Management Cloud.”

In line with this announcement, Oracle is pushing to the enterprise market the availability of the industry’s first cloud-native, intelligent security and management suite. This new set of integrated suites — Oracle Identity Security Operations Center (SOC) portfolio of services and Oracle Management Cloud — the software giant said will help enterprises forecast, reduce, detect, and resolve cybersecurity threats and assist in efforts to remediate application and infrastructure performance issues.

By using artificial intelligence to both analyze a unified data set consisting of the full breadth of security and operational telemetry as well as provide automated remediation, Oracle’s integrated suite enables customers to quickly adapt their security and operational posture as their risk landscape changes. This application of machine learning can potentially help thwart attacks, reduce the detection window from months to minutes, and more quickly address security breaches and performance outages.

“The way to secure our data, the way to prevent data theft is more automation. And we need a cyber defense system that automatically detects vulnerabilities and attacks,” Ellison said. “And these two systems, the Oracle Autonomous Database and our highly, highly automated cyber defense systems are designed to stop data theft.”

Adaptive, intelligent security and systems management services from Oracle are designed for security and operations professionals, according to the tech giant. Users will also be able to access analytic conclusions from highly-tuned machine learning—informed by a comprehensive operational and security data set—without any additional work required. In addition, as a service delivered through Oracle Cloud, users can leverage constantly evolving analytic engines based on real-world data.

To ensure the machine learning algorithm has quality and breadth of data to deliver actionable insights, Oracle Management Cloud provides a single, unified model that allows for both massive raw data ingest and context-based enrichment, as well as automated remediation capabilities. This makes Oracle Management Cloud the ideal solution for the next-generation, machine learning-enabled security and management enterprise.

“We have to reprioritize and re-think about how we defend our information,” Ellison said. “We need new systems. It can’t be our people versus their computers. We’re going to lose that war. It’s got to be our computers versus their computers. And make no mistake: it’s a war.”

Crowd gather at the Oracle OpenWorld 2017 inside the Moscone Center, San Francisco.