‘I regret I singled out an artist’: Jason Dhakal issues apology amid Michael Pacquiao remark backlash

August 18, 2020 - 12:40 PM
A photo of R&B artist Jason Dhakal on Facebook (Jason Dhakal/Released)

R&B artist Jason Dhakal issued an apology for his recent tweets against an artist whom he did not name following backlash from the latter’s fans.

Dhakal previously earned the ire of fans of Michael Pacquiao or “Young Manny,” the second son of Senator and boxing champion Manny Pacquiao, after he expressed criticism against the latter’s privilege in the music industry.

In a statement on Twitter on August 17, Dhakal clarified that it was not his intention to “single out” an artist when he vented out his frustrations.

“Some time ago, I expressed frustration towards my experience in the industry I moved in. I was coming from a place of impulse and feelings,” he said.

“I regret that I singled out an artist and unintentionally portrayed him into a bad light. Even though it was never my intention to do that, I understand how it can be taken that way. For that, I am sorry,” he added.

Dhakal, however, said he did not regret the conversations about “artista kids” that were highlighted after he spoke up.

He further expressed gratitude to his fans, friends and family who continued to support his music and his beliefs.

“To every artist/creative that spoke out to defend me/your views, I am so grateful for your public support and I am sorry if hate has been thrown your way as well. To my listeners, friends and family, thank you for being there for me,” Dhakal said.

“Lastly, to everyone, especially the girls and gays, I love you!” he added.

Prior to Dhakal’s apology, Michael dared the R&B artist to settle their online scuffle to a basketball game. This tweet was eventually deleted.

Some users managed to take a screenshot of it and then shared it on the platform.

“Okay, Jason Dhakal, let’s settle this right now…King of the court, 21. The winner gets all the credit,” the now-deleted post read.

The younger Pacquiao later tweeted again and poked fun at the reactions.

“These comments are so funny, people taking seriously,” Michael said.

“Interesting how people would hate so much,” he added in the comments section.

A quick recap

In a series of tweets last week, Dhakal ranted against the opportunities given to children or relatives of celebrities compared to other artists whom he perceived to have more talent.

One of these tweets included a retweeted video clip of Michael’s live performance of his single “Hate,” which was part of his debut album called “Dreams.”

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Dhakal’s scathing comments later drew backlash from Michael’s supporters who clapped back by disliking the former’s recent YouTube videos and leaving mean comments against him on Facebook.

These were pointed out by Dhakal’s fans and friends who also subsequently defended his statements that decried the unjust opportunities given to artists in the country.