‘Climate action in your area’: Blackpink calls on Blinks to join fight vs climate change anew

March 5, 2021 - 4:17 PM

Worldwide K-pop sensation Blackpink has once again used their platform to raise awareness on climate change.

In a video uploaded last February 26, the four-member girl group shared their BBC interview where they shared their journey to learning more about climate change.

Korean Herald last week reported that Blackpink has been appointed as advocates to raise awareness for a global campaign against climate change issues, according to its agency YG entertainment.

The group, composed of Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé and Lisa, has been calling on their fans called “Blinks” to also join the fight against climate change.

In December, they also uploaded in a video promoting the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference.

“This is a global challenge each and everyone of could make a difference and we need to act now. This is our planet. This is our future. Climate change affects us all,” the group said in a campaign video.

“We’re not experts and we’re not fully aware of all the issues but we do care about our planet and we want to learn more,” they said.

Jennie cited the extreme weather such as heatwaves, drought, flooding as among the effects of climate change.

Lisa, on the other hand, cited that when she was born in 1997, 46% of planet earth was made of natural habitats and it has declined to 35% with more disappearing everyday.

In view of this, the group enjoined the public to be educated on climate change to know how they can play a part it making the world a better place.

In the group’s recent interview with BBC, Blackpink said they watched the documentary of David Attenborough and shared that they learned more of our planet.

Rosé shared that they learned “more about what we could do to sustain our beautiful planet.”

“Basically the documentary showed us how precious our planet is and how vulnerable it is right now. So in losing more of the natural world every day and time is running out we feel like,” Jennie shared.

“We just really felt like we need to say something,” she also said.

Lisa, on the other hand, said “the first step is to know what’s happening.”

“We hope our fans do too,” she said.

The December campaign video of Blackpink has earned over 2.3 million views on YouTube while the BBC interview garnered more than 3.1 million views, making it the 42nd trending video on the platform.

The BBC interview was also shared on the girl group’s Instagram and Twitter accounts where it gained 2.7 million likes and over 453,800 views and 143,100 likes, respectively.

Fans were delighted over Blackpink’s initiatives and were encouraged to join their cause.

“This is huge! Kpop will actually save this planet! Literally! ^_^” TheMonkey Squad commented.

“The earth needs us BLINKs,” YouTube user Ray Mak said.

“I love and respect that BLACKPINK is using their following and platform to raise awareness about climate change,” YouTube Chienyen Yang also wrote.

Climate action before fangirling

Meanwhile, some Blinks asked their fellow fans to halt fangirling first and focus on Blackpink’s message on climate change.

“Let us stop talking about Blackpink for a damn second and work on making the planet sustainable. It really is probably the most important thing going on in the world so please research on ways to help it is the small things together that make a huge change,” YouTube Jamie Bray said.